Black Poetry : Angel

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    She breezes through forest
    like winds over oceans
    or seagulls to a still summer sky
    she's flawless in the details of her dimensions
    a sight to behold
    breath taking in a visceral sense
    yet that is not all she is
    mentally she stimulates with intellect
    far beyond her years
    and yet she is in the bloom of youth 26 or so
    She is as Eve was on her first day of life
    all woman
    more than a companion
    more than a compliment
    she's a masterpiece like the Venus de Milo
    many names she may have
    like Vashti - meaning very beautiful
    or Desiree - the much desired daughter
    though I tend to call her Angel
    She must be spiritually blessed
    Natural phenom-woman
    brown Bajan beauty
    the pride of her ancestry and heritage
    are placed firmly upon her shoulders
    no man would dare have
    a wandering eye from her
    and yet I let her out my sight
    after the first meeting with her
    doubting : am I truly deserving of an Angel?