Black Poetry : Angel Song


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When I listen in the middle of the night,
I hear a melody, that sounds so right.
A tune I can't identify, a song,
that will bring tears to your eyes.
More enchanting than a siren's song,
it keeps me spellbound all night long.
When you sing, its like nothing I've heard before,
and when you finish I cry out for more.
What is this spell you have cast over me,
got me feeling this way, come to me I plead.
My life means nothing when You are not here, my purpose and destiny is no longer clear.
For the song you sing makes me forget my lonliness,
and looking into your eyes,puts me at ease when once I was in distress.
I would call out your name, but that I don't know, but you always leave me, why must you go.
Can't you stay with me forever and a day, listen to the words that I have to say?
Can't you be with me till the end of time, giving me your love as i give mine? Yet you have your calling and so do I,
I in the lighthouse,
you in the sky.
yet one thing I know its for you my heart doth long,
as I listen to the melody of your Angel's Song.



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