Black People : Andre Thomas is dead. Why?

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    Andre Thomas is dead. Why?

    Too bad Andre Thomas of Swissvale is dead.

    8 Aug 08
    By Tony Norman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Too bad Andre Thomas of Swissvale is dead. He probably would have disputed the Allegheny County medical examiner's report that his death was not the result of excessive force by the Swissvale police.

    But what would he know? Andre Thomas was just another unarmed 37-year-old civilian acting "erratically" when he encountered the police for the last time late Monday night. He died early Tuesday morning.

    After he was shot with a Taser and reportedly kicked and punched while in handcuffs, Mr. Thomas' treatment might be within the acceptable range of brutality for Swissvale. Whether that is a standard that should shock the conscience of citizens throughout Western Pennsylvania is another question.

    As Andre Thomas stared into the faces of his assailants, did he see an inkling of compassion in their eyes -- or contempt? Were his last thoughts of the 2-year-old daughter he'd never see again?

    Did the autopsy report do justice to the blood and vomit that coagulated around his mouth or the excruciating pain that wracked his body? Will the toxicology report come back clean -- or tell a story of "excited delirium" induced by cocaine or other drugs, as Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. suggested yesterday?

    "There was no evidence in general, no evidence of excessive force being used," Dr. Karl Williams of the Allegheny County medical examiner's office told a reporter. Dr. Williams also refused to define "excessive force" or shed light on other aspects of the autopsy.

    That's why the circumstances surrounding the death of Andre Thomas still begs the question -- why is he dead?

    The nearly 20 protesters who marched up Braddock Avenue to the Swissvale Borough Building on Wednesday evening want an answer.

    "I knew the guy they killed," said Sabrina Williams, 40, a Swissvale resident who cheered the protesters as they passed her on the sidewalk. "I've had my own run-in [with the cops]," she told me. "That's why I'm scared to call them about anything."

    Fellow Swissvale residents Dametria Reed, 27, and Octavia McNeill, 19, echoed Ms. Williams' sentiments. Still none were eager to join the marchers, citing scheduling conflicts and possible police retaliation.

    Chanting "prosecute the cops / the killing must stop," the group of local activists could barely contain their indignation as they confronted glowering Swissvale police outside the station.

    A 31-year-old Swissvale resident who would only give his name as Charles was interviewed in front of the borough building by television crews eager to get his take on life in what one protester called a "police state."

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    Andre Thomas is dead. Why?

    Too bad Andre Thomas of Swissvale is dead.
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    Right here!

    Because you are in a death camp that is run by the smartest and most powerful white people. The entire universe is a death camp.