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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Just Because I Share The Divine Truth About Obama Action, Does Not Mean I Do not Desire To See Obama as President Of America USA, For My Own Divine True Reason, Which Serve To The Benefit Of Black People, My Reason I Share About And Not Obama As President, Which Will Not Serve to Benefit Black People Collectively In America.

    As for as Obama is concerned, White folks have Check mated Obama and the entire Black world, by demonstrating that if you Want ( not need ) to be looked favorable upon when attempting to play in the big league of White folks games, then you must be willing to sell all of your self respect for just to be considered by white folks, in pursuit for a position to bid for the prize that come to the winner of the game, in this instance, the political game.

    Obama succumb to the pressure of the Racist Media, forcing obama to divorce himself from Reverend Wright, because the Reverend has the back bone for what ever reason, to tell white Folks to go to Hell, but such an act of expression lose some of its flavor, coming from the Reverend Wright, because out of one corner of his mouth come the Hell and Brimstone to America and out of the other side of the Reverend Mouth, come praise and submission to Jesus, as if the Reverend is attempting to violate the basic principle of commitment, as set by the JESUS HE SO REVERE, WHICH IS, THAT YOU CAN NOT SERVE TWO MASTERS AT THE SAME TIME, BECAUSE YOU MUST DEVOTE EITHER ALL OF YOUR LOVE TO ONE OR THE OTHER , THERE IS NO STRADDLING OF THE fence of Divine Truth, which is what the Reverend was attempting to do at the press club News Conference, condemning America for her acts of injustice against Black people, while loving white folks Jesus.

    So white Folks tell obama, that in no way will they allow him to straddle the fence regarding his pastor, indicating that Obma must either demonstrate that he either Love America more than his pastor or hate America, and love his pastor, there will be no straddling of the fence on this America Media created issue.

    There is not one thing that the Reverend has said in describing America attitude and behavior toward the Black World and the World in general, that is not true, of course you know my primary concern is about the Black World and the Spirit of Evil that America has so acted out against Black People, yesterday and still do today, so with the way they have played Obama against his pastor, such a way serving as proof that America still have control over the Mind of Black People, dictating our Life behavior toward each other.

    The pitiful thing about this entire political episode is that the Black so call Afrikan Americans, come willingly at the call of the Media to heap fire of condemnation on a Black Man, confused he is, yet is forth right enough to tell White Racist America that he will not allow them to dictate his behavior toward America imperialist action in the world, and that of a Master over the Black World.

    Radical Black Liberation action in the eyes of True Divine Black Nationalist, has no expiration date, that date come when such an action has caused Afrika to be back under control of the Afrikans and the Black so call Afrikan is a Black United Nation again, in Afrika.

    Right before our Black Eyes, the Black Man running for president of the USA has been made to appear as a Child before the Parent, with America serving as the Parent of Obama.

    Let me share this with you Black folks, in America wider society, there is no Black Elites, so to label Obama as portraying himself as an uppity ******, in pursuit of America Presidency, is no more than America Racism being at its best, at attacking Black males, and we so call Black Americans, sit back skinning and grinning, participating in labeling Obama as such, or analyzing whether or not that is the act of portrayal coming from Obama, this is Premium, Racism Dressed In Unjustified Prejudice, 101.

    And you tell me that White folks do not control our Lives decision in America, and every where else we are on this planet ?

    Tell me Black people, when will personal ambition take a back seat to collective Black Liberation?

    Is such a price to high for Black people to pay in respect for our Lives ?

    When will Black Folks come to collectively say, enough is enough of being at the will of our oppressors and not of our own Will, influenced to make choices that are not our choice in life, which must be to Liberate our Mind, away from the clutches of the oppressors Mind, having us to appear as Mental deranged Black people, in pursuit of the oppressors approval in all we do in our Black Lives, the Black Wombgender and Staffgender no longer qualified to relate with each other in Harmony, Order, And Balance, yet we claim to be Children of goddess and gods..

    Reverend Wright serve only to be a hinderer to the Liberation of Black People, as long as he attempt to serve two Masters, and it become an obligation of Black People to spew Reverend Wright and all just like him, out of our Mind, because the Lies and acts of Deception is to degrading to swallow.

    Reverend has to make a decision to either Live in being Black, or live to be an enemy to those of us that are proud in living Black, in and out of America, again I share with you, it is Time for the Silent Majority of black people to rise and demonstrate our determination for the Black World to become Liberated again, and our first act must be to become Liberated away from America, with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, returning to Afrika as the next to be established State in Afrika.

    The Divine Truth, black folks have been Vaccinated Against The Divine Truth And Now Is Infected With the Deadly Virus Of Lies, Gleefully Being Deceived By People With a History Of Oppressing Black People..

    Be Kind To Your Self

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
    The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism
    GOOGLE SEARCH: Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala
    [email protected]
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    And thats the double truth!!!!!!! My brother, that despicable Billary and her Bubba have shown BLIND AFRIKANS their true barbaric nature. Well barack has learned that he can be forced out of the car face down too!:10500: :10500: :10500: