Black Poetry : and yet still reading you


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Oct 7, 2003
North Carolina via NY
for hours i sit silently
at the edge of a dream
reading your book
when out of my right eye
a single drop of black ink splashes
across page 41 featured
preeminently in my lap
causing your verse to pulsate
and love passages to levitate
as they penetrate my skin
then imprint your poetic dna string
onto my spiritual code
stitching your words
into the hem of me
so that my words now
sew poetic threads only
to the rhythm of you

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sekou kasimu wrote on willa's profile.
What exactly is your ideology?!
I'll be honest. I like black culture forums, so I've signed up for this one, BX, and Lipstick Alley. I won't post too often, only on things that I'm really interested in. Nice to meet you. :)
Ms Drea wrote on butterfly#1's profile.
Hi Sister,
Miss you so much I hope all is well with you and yours!!
Love and Blessings!! :heart: :heart:
You can skip rocks across water but if you're not building yourself up rock solid, you'll drown under pressure.
Fireman wrote on Queenie's profile.
Hi, Queenie. Love your posts. Even though I don't you, you must be some kind of remarkable and lovely person. Lets keep in touch.