Black Short Stories : And Who are you?


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Jun 12, 2007
AIGHT Fam don't crucify me 4 this one.....LOL

I finally closed my eyes for the time being. As I opened them, I saw a very familiar setting, the weighing of the heart. “I got this”, I thought to myself. “I have my spiritual portfolio ready to go I’ve done well, this should be easy….”

Just as my heart was about to be weighed Tehuti looks at a papyrus and commands that the weighing be stopped. He then asks me “Who are you”? What could this mean? Did my registration not make it, did he truly no know who I was, was I really supposed to be here? As I thought of about 20 questions as to why he asked me that question the only thing that could come out of my mouth was “Huh”? He then said “I know that you heard me so answer.” I said “I am Qwamii Ausu.” His face showed a look of slight displeasure to my answer. He then said “I did not ask your name I already know it. Who are you?” So he knew my name and yet he asks me this question? Filled with a mixture of uncertainty and displeasure I replied “I am a priest of your teachings, I have successfully debated many other religions and sent them crawling back to their doctrines. I am the teacher of many powerful up and coming priests and priestesses. Looking for more credibility I began to stutter. “Um…. I am the lead donor from my township for giving to the needy and….” Just as I was about to continue he yelled stop! “I did not ask you to tell me of your frivolous accomplishments.” “Frivolous!” I thought with fire in being.

“Ahh I feel the fire in you from my words. You tell me these things in vain, have you forgotten I was there with you? You seemed to be pleased with the egotistical references that you spew from your mouth. You have read many testimonies that were written by Men and Women such as yourself. You can name dates, facts, and quote other PEOPLE at the drop of a hat. Thousands of hours studying, lecturing, and meditating and you cannot answer this question correctly. More so even if you did you still would not understand it.”

He then started to add insult to injury by saying “let me give it to you in Novice terms, had you no money would you be less than what you are now because you could not donate”? He then added, “had you no time to study, or poor health would you be less than you are right now”. Really think on this one, if you had no one near that opposed your way of thinking, or your teachings, would you be the great debater as you claim”. If you had no students would you be less of a teacher? I started to BELIEVE that I understood what was being taught so I answered with a stern “NO”. He shook his head and said wrong again. These are the things by which you define yourself so if you didn’t have them you would indeed be less that you are right now. All of these feats that you claim are nothing more than glorified superficial relevance”. You have mastered the art of HEARSAY through reading and debating, and that you mistake for knowledge. You never truly understood IN~formation, IN~tellect, and IN~telligence”.

Now is the time Last chance, who are you?

Peace and Blessings


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