Black Poetry : And We Write

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    And we write​
    Touch they do
    The very soul
    Lexis of power
    Poems of the poets
    Vibe session blessings
    The utterance of the mind
    Becomes declarations voiced
    Exclamation of our times
    Expressions of choice
    Visceral for you ears
    Audible for you eyes
    We are new breed poets, new millennium revised
    Bringing the new convicts
    Convicted to their convictions
    Bring the new converts
    Converting the conversation
    No longer mental neophytes
    Pursuit of wisdom means becoming a student of light.
    We are ones who refuse to bite the tongue.
    Singing truth as if a song
    Differentiating and writing(righting) wrongs
    So the truth be told
    The story to be told
    Same old story different day
    Difficult life is, but the game must be played
    Remember to access wisdoms road
    Means to live on life's highways and learn from it
    Knowledge applied accesses depth perception
    If we were dancers we would dance
    If we were singers we would sing
    But we are writers and poets
    Thus we grow, and we write
    We learn, and we write
    We know, and we write
    And show, and we write
    And we write who it is that we've become in our humble manifestations
    Giving praises and lamentations
    And we write...and we write...and we write...
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