Quiet Poetry Lounge : ....And The Stars Weep (inspired by the moon sleeps)


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Mar 20, 2001
crested horizions
with shades of daylight dying
giving birth to a new oblivion...
to the truest shades of blue-
diamond freckles twinkling
winking from afar...
blinking morse codes messages that whisper...
i will always love only you-
blank space converging
merging into hyperspace
transcending into cyberspace
to create a whole new venue-
falling off the beaten path
and stumbling onto the path less taken
soul bare and heart forsaken
while i vainly search for remnants of you...
the stars in your eyes,
the moonbeams on your cheeks,
the sunlight in your smile,
and the breeze lilting under your touch
unfurling in such
undulating passion
while i wander and wonder
pondering immortal thoughts
of crusades to lead me back to you-
back into your arms
back into your graces
back into your life,
redeemed by your salvation...
barreling on in my journey...
infinitly searching for your love and redemption
from my foolish sins
and the secrets that i keep
guided by the trail of tears the stars shed
while they protect their beloved moon
while he sleeps.

©copyright ambroziya snow2001
all rights reserved
isn't that like cheating?

being that you are the goddess of all things celestial isn't it easy for you to create a brilliant poem about the stars weeping?

(just teasin' darlin')

u showed yo poetic beee-hind on this one

and what a BIG poetic behind it is!!!



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