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Feb 7, 2004

By Xavier James

The Panare Indians (Native Americans) of the Colorado Valley had lived quiet, secluded lives for centuries. Until one day Christian missionaries came to visit them. They entered with open, loving arms in the name of Jesus and were given a respectful, friendly welcome. Unknown to the Panare, the missionaries’ intentions was to convert these "heathens" into good Christians. So, they began teaching them the bible; telling them how to get into heaven. Of course they had a hard time convincing these Natives of how sinful, and evil they were. The language barrier presented a major problem. But their primary obstacle was getting the natives to understand how Christianity functioned. There were no words in the Panare language for sin, guilt or redemption because these were a people with their own spiritual beliefs and customs that were in place centuries before the bible, Jesus Christ or Christianity ever existed.

But in order to instill a concept of redemption these Christian missionaries had to make the natives feel guilt and shame. But the Panare Tribe still wasn’t buying what these good Christians were selling. So, the missionaries decided to translate the New Testament into the Panare language. The Christian missionaries revised the New Testament, took Judas, Pontius Pilot and the Romans out and replaced them with the Panare. That's right; they gave them a bible that now said the Panare Indians killed Jesus Christ. It included statements like: "Let's kill Jesus Christ," said the Panare...."They laid a cross on the ground and nailed him to it....they raised him straight up, nailed....thus the Panare killed Jesus Christ!"

Then came God's wrath for killing his son. The revised bible said: "God will destroy the Panare. God will burn you all; burn all the animals, your children and burn also the earth. God will exterminate the Pinare by throwing them on the fire." The missionaries told the natives that they had to pay for what their ancestors had done and their only salvation was in serving them and the church. But God is good. 'Do you want to be roasted in the fire?' asks God. 'Do you have something to pay me with so that I won't roast you in the fire?' Demands God. One native lady yelled out "I don't want to burn in the big fire. I love Jesus." Hundreds of Panare indians abandoned their ancestors and took up Chritianity. That was in 1976 but these type of terror tactics were frequently employed to convert often hard to convince Natives. For years, it had been a common practice among Christian missionaries to accuse Indians (Natives) of killing Jesus Christ.

These are the exact same methods used against Africans and their children (black Americans) to this very day. Just like us, they were told the book they were given was God's word. It was not. They committed what King James and the Jewish Scribes had been doing to persons of African descent for centuries; spiritual terrorism. No one wants to burn in "the big fire" so we all converted.

"The role of a missionary is to infiltrate a tribe, and convince or coerce them into rejecting their own spiritual beliefs in favor of the Christian Church."

So, who won the war fought between Jesus and the Indians? Jesus! And to this day Natives and Blacks have never recovered. This is Christianity and these are the Christians.

Reference and suggested reading:
The Missionaries: God Against the Indians by Norman Lewis 1990​

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