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May 16, 2004
No pain, need one of them magical wands that make stress vanish and disorder correct. ****. Strategically and astrologically any changes don’t mix well with me. Gets me mellow not emotional free. Has my mind overstretching failure and defeat, even in time on certainty. And I fear those around me. Introverted mystery. They have no idea of my emotional complexities. And to think I have found beauty in the one just like me. Self torture, putting my mind through maze, sound and fiery, all with the understanding of how the stars measure up, and where the planets meet, is nothing but divine. And explicit definition of the lack of connection we leave. Writing lines of sentences filled with nothings that mean everything only to us, sending everyone in circles of over standing instead of comfort. Times of separation leave hugs at doors where we used to me. And wish I still could. But don’t. charged emotions and late conversations of too long sentences and short phrases of miss u, wish I could kiss u, and make it all better w u. but those are stuck between long days, low pay, and hot sunshine rays..Constant time. With no pause for reflection. **** reflecting. Only brings missed moments to the front anyways. And the present then seems a repeat of yesterdays stress but tomorrow’s unknown. And the fact that tomorrow seems more promising than today... I look forward to our byes then our hi's. And **** I just wish I could fly... cross lands of sand and mountains to be near your time and within your reach. Especially through aqua marine times of not picking up the phone or zoning in a spot of retroactive introverted got to grind and get focused moments of relief from stress that picks at your daily focus and moments of rest. I wish I could just interlude those minutes when u decides my mouth can’t speak like my heart does. And only these fingers can type what my love does. And I am left feeling voids of friendship gaps but self reflection if I could correct them I would. Desires to right your wrongs. And write your wrongs into disappearing. And so I just think about what my mirror would say if I talked to it, and how my facial expression unseen and voice unheard can’t heal your heart without these words typed. And good bye is more hopeful than hello. And so what, yeah I miss u.
Nice Write!!!!

Awesome expression of true feelings...Reality
Despite the this and that...the matter of fact is...

I miss you!
and yeah...so what!

I feel what I feel
even those things which represent
a raw deal
when the energies come forth and steal
away the loving exchange
leaving me with a sense of
having slipped on a banana peel

Even tho
I knew that you had to go
And I wanted that our love
to continue to grow
It is this that cause's me to

Thank You so much daroc for Sharing this.....
RE~inforces my KNOWING that...
We are NEVER ALONE....



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