Black Poetry : And she asked @ Reason

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    I have seen you in my dreams

    The women with all white on and the

    Inch of purple shaping her face

    And the one red Hindi in the middle of her third eye

    Waiting for her solider with his purple heart

    In her hands, yeah I have seen you in my dreams...

    Those eyes

    Been chasing me so long, I know them well

    The reason I dream... those eyes!

    You tapped me on my shoulder in the dream and asked if

    I ever had love

    Not sure what you meant

    I said, sure I seen love

    Know have you ever had love

    I said sure I felt love

    Know have you ever touched love

    I said, sure I been close to love

    Know have you ever been in love

    Carried someone's heart in your hands

    Because it was the last thing they wore

    Or walked in and out of dreams to feel their love

    Have you ever pledge you love

    I said, I got on bended knee and asked for love to come back to

    Me, screamed its name down a city street

    And it slowly walked away from me

    I asked love for it's phone number and

    It said, you have to dial *82 in order to get through

    So I let it stay there....

    She said, here love

    And she handed me the Purple Heart

    The inch of purple around her face

    Faded into the steam from the steam engine

    And I felt her Hindi on my fore head

    And the glare of the inch of purple was upon me

    And I knew love...
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    Dis was very sweet Exodus! I admire yo work and i'm a huge fan of yourz. Keep on scribin poet!