Black People : ****** And Negro You Have Been Had

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
****** And Negro, You Have Been Had, Lied Too And Deceived, And Bamboozled To Boot, Been Used In The Political Game Of The Devil, Satan Luciferian Human Being Game Of Democrat Politics!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Black people living in America and is in America today by choice and refer to America as being your/our country has no meaningful involvement that benefit their nonthinking but believing desires you are not a decision making commodity of nor in the Deep State Oligarch Cabal whose objective is to reconstruct America to have it to be made in the anti-nature image of evil self-serving desires creating to worship symbolic images that reflect the spirit of a devilish satanic Luciferian transformation interacting character that gain its power and strength from performing evil against who they identify to be not worthy of living free and independent in a world created by the mind spirit that receive power from performing anti-nature acts of total submission to the evil that eminate from a believing mind, such be the cult of those who identify themselves as using political term, the party of the Democrats and it is Joe Biden that is used by the Deep State cabal to attract the no thinking Black people living in America originally once not by choice but is today in America by choice remaining to be control by the evil devilish satanic Luciferians of and in the world they now are in motion to reconstruct instil within their new World a spirit of evil that requires the lowly masses to be in fear of today, and it is fear that converts the mind to behave your body to the level of a child of dependency, the level the Black people occupy in the world Lucifer creates.

So yes, as I have shared with Black Afrikan people, when all is said and done by the evil oligarchs in action to create a New World Order the enemy of the Deep State is Black Divine Afrikan Afrika Nationalist Pan Afrikans living in America not by choice knowing that the enemy of the Greater Good is not all that white racist but do now been made now a enemy of the Greater Good that look just like your Black body appearance been converted to operate in the political game of the devil as a member of the so-called Democratic party as you have just now been used to be a part in the effort to destroy the constitutional structure of America having and receiving no benefit from none that be in authority in America the Black Afrikan in America is who represents our Enslaved Ancestors with the responsibility to unite in the effort of obligation to demand Freedom, Justice, and Independent for our Enslaved Ancestors and thus for all Thinking Black Afrikans with a destination with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation in possession of the children of our Enslaved Ancestors with a goal to return to Afrika and to have a United States Of Afrika Government that unifies the Black Afrikan Thinking Nation having one aim, goal, and destiny, which is Freedom In Afrika beloved.

What I know of Black Afrikan Americans is that what they do not innerstand you are afraid of and you are afraid of the Luciferian Created religious God, which have you to be weak in the presence of the Divine Truth and the Divine Truth is that we need to be fighting to become free from America in her Transforming period Time, as I today share this Divine Truth with you Black Afrikan people.

This is a prelude to what I am about to share with you Black Afrikan People, you who has taken leave of your thinking ability, you looking unlearned and totally submissive to white Democrats Racist Prejudice Liberals in your effort to chastise other segments of Black Afrikans for their support of President Trump.

Let me be very clear with a desire that you hear me the same way I am being with you Black Afrikans, which is clearly, as I have informed you Black Afrikans that I do not categorize nor classify white folks, I allow the spirit that white folks show to me do that for me, concerning how I see and interact with white folks.

I am a dedicated patriotic Black Afrikan Afrika Nationalist, I am just a victim of America Politics and not a participant, I am aware of the game politics which have me with no illusion about my status in America nor about white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian phony *** Liberal Democrats, they are the demons who walk the earth lying too and deceiving to use and influence Black Afrikan people.

I am not Religious which mean that I am no religious believer so do not bring to me any blessing making claim and wishing based on that white racist Luciferian created God and his Son Jesus, I do not indulge my Divine Mine with the Fantasy of believing Faith, Hope, and Wanting.

So, thanks but no thanks, because I occupy my time getting to know what God is and not believing in a God my oppressors have introduced me to believe in and I know that Luciferian human Being does nothing that is to be beneficial to Black Afrikan people.

Now, I am sharing this with you about me so that you will know that I am not one that plays games with Life opportunity to live and the life we Black Afrikans live is to short and important to squander it away on believing and not knowing what God is which is a prerequisite to knowing who I am as a Black Cosmic Divine Universal Being walking upon this planet earth, the geographical mother that provide to us what we need to live in the physical.

Now concerning this presidential election/selection and your Black Americans involvement in the process that have you looking like a foolish Black American acting just like the ****** that been defined by that white racist lying Luciferian Human Being as you have the unthoughtful gall to be celebratory over the activities you have participated in voting for the demon pedophile Joe Biden.

Do you know that having Biden as America president only secure the continuation of the transformation socially, biologically gender-wise, abortion actively, anti-nature, incest, homosexual activities, sodomy, lawlessness, and all other anti-nature behavioral performances without the guilt of conscious, what you will have participated in setting in motion is the establishing of a modern-day, to use a phrase, a Sodom and Gomorrah America social anti-nature disorder?

You see, ignorance have you doing the ****-ness of things that is against the traditional Universal values of Universal morality, do you not know that you are creating the age of Sodom And Gomorrah like of a spirit in America and that America is the trendsetter for the so-called free world as the lesser worlds are influenced by what the modern-day world does in the performance of living?

The Negro American do not have sense enough to know when you are being used and to most of you, you give less than a **** when being used by that white racist devilish Luciferian Human Being, there can be no Greater Good to come to Black Afrikans in America, not by choice the conscious of white folks are not calibrated to treat you as such being deserving of respect beloved.

Black Afrikans living in America is as if living in a time bomb environment and that is why I without ceasing inform you Black Afrikans of the need to organize ourselves into a movement specifically for the purpose to demand and collect our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation so that we must return with our Enslaved Ancestors back yo Afrika, there is where our Freedom reside and Black power is in abundance beloved.

Before too long in America, the Oedipus complex will be put into practice by that anti-nature Luciferian Human Bring, the survival of our Black Divinity is in jeopardy as long as we remain in America, Black Afrikan Woman And Man and you can not see that factual truth because the Divine Mind is no longer functioning in that Black Body.

My, what a pity and a sad condition we now live to be in today's committing soul, body, spiritual suicide, in America today.

Divine Respect


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Mar 1, 2010

CNN’s Van Jones cries on air after Biden declared winner of 2020 presidential election



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