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    God is not Jesus and Jesus is not God - both exist in the created imagination of those who would poison, conceal and distort the original source --the GODDESS


    "...It's time we examined this repeated statement...'And God Said,' why is it so persistently used throughout the Bible? This same book tells us no one has seen God, yet every scriptural writer declares he heard Him. Is this but primitive man mistaking his own inner promptings for the voice of God or is it s trick of the Priestly trade? it is the latter, and used only to give what they wanted --divine authority. Spinoza, himself a Jew, said whatever the Jews thought, they asserted God said it. God speaks not until he speaks to man. Once this simple act is known, the trick no longer works.

    And now this talkative God foretells the future of his "chosen".

    Fact #1 - There is NO YT man up in the sky, the CREATOR/ESS exists within
    Fact #2 - There was a She long b4 there was ever a He
    Fact #3 - There has never has been a 'chosen people'
    Fact #4 - There was never a Volcanic God b/c the GODDESS existed FIRST