Science and Technology : Ancient Fossils Reveal the First Humans Emerged 170,000 Years Earlier than We Thought

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Nov 17, 2006
:facepalm: Who is "We" and what consensus between nations is there, if any?

Ancient Fossils Reveal the First Humans Emerged 170,000 Years Earlier than We Thought

Hannah Osborne
NewsweekSeptember 29, 2017

... One of the fossils analyzed, known as the Ballito Bay child, was of hunter gatherer descent and would have lived at a time before any migrants had reached South Africa. As a result, his DNA was unaffected by any genetic mixing from other humans from different parts of Africa or Eurasia ...

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:great: ... all black folk

Discovery of ancient human DNA in Southeast Asia 'exceptionally rare,' scientists say

Analysis of the DNA revealed that the body belonged to a young female hunter-gatherer, about 17 or 18 years old, during the pre-Neolithic era, according to the study. She shares half of her DNA with Aboriginal Australians and the other half with the people found in Papua New Guinea, Brumm said.


:wow: they never give up, here we go again, Peptides in outer-space :facepalm:Until now, though, many believed that the basic building blocks of life, called peptides, required water to form. This ruled out the possibility that these building blocks could come from space, right? Well, new research has turned that belief on its head

New discovery could change what we know about the origin of life on Earth

The result was a polyglycine similar to peptides we’ve already discovered. It’s a notable bit of information in the search for the origin of life. Of course, it doesn’t tell us for sure whether the original peptides came from space. It does at least give us a reason to start looking beyond our own planet for the true origin of life. Even with that knowledge, though, the answer to that question is still a long way off.

Joshua Hawkins


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