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Oct 30, 2022

The consensus of the 70 nations in the table of nations of Genesis in the Bible, as passed on since the time of Adam and Eve, to Seth, Enoch, and Noah to the 70 nations of Noah’s ascendants through his 3 sons and their wives (Shem, Ham and Japheth) is affirmed by the testimony of the ancient nations, including, but not limited to, the ancient Hebrews, the Mesopotamians, the Ancient Egyptians, the Mesoamericans the American Indians, the Innuits of Siberia and Alaska, the Australian Aboriginals, the Ancient Chinese and the Ancient Greeks (Greeks, originally from Edom according to Rabbinic tradition) and many others that the Earth is flat on the surface, a flat circle with the heavenly bodies above, the oceans spread out around the earth (the ground), the lava underneath, with the earths crust around it and ice around the edges of the ocean.

This was from the revealed knowledge of God to Adam and Eve, Shem, Enoch, Noah, his sons, and the 70 ancient nations of the Bible.

This was the common view from the time of Adam and Eve, through Noah’s apportioning of the earth for Ham (Kush/Nubian, Mizraim/Coptic and Put/Berbers) to the Western and coastal regions (Africa), the apportioning of Shem (Elam, Arpachshad, Asshur etc.) to the Central Regions (the Middle East) and of Japheth to the Eastern regions (China, India etc.) as mentioned in the book of Jubilees.

This view was confirmed by the ancient forms of the Islamic, Jewish and Christian nations through their sages such as Imam Jalal al Din al-Suyuti according to the Qur’anic verse “wa ilal ardhi kayfa sutihat”-“and the earth was laid out flat” and the great theologian St. Augustine of Hippo who stated that it was ridiculous to believe that the ground (earth) is a sphere as this would cause people to slide down it which was later and falsely claimed to be because of a force called gravity, when in reality what causes objects to fall to the ground is their own weight and density with nothing to hold them up in the air (planes and birds create wind through the plane fuel and the birds by flapping their wings, which propels them upwards keeping them in flight. Vapor is light enough to be held up by existing energy particles in the air.

The UN logo, a flat, circular map of the world is a reasonable image of what the earth looks like from up high.​
This also lines up with the many ancient flood stories from antiquity which were taught to them by Noah after the flood and before the apportioning of the earth to the early tribes forming the table of nations in Genesis. Also, that they shared a common language (ancient Arabic) was confounded after their languages were confounded after trying to build the tower of Babel which Josephus said was to climb up to in the event of another flood). The Ark of Noah was discovered in the mountains of Ararat (as in the Bible) atop Mount Judi (as specified in the Qur'an) as reported by Englands Guardian newspaper) the exact shape and size as in Genesis, the only alleged discrepancy being that its rock, not wood, which is easily explained as it is petrified wood (turned to rock over thousands of years).
Contrary to popular opinion the spherical earth, although accepted by some philosophers mistakenly (Aristotle and Pythagoras) was not accepted by the mass of early Christendom, or ancient Greece and was still held onto until the 1800’s in China and even America (as mentioned in Booker T. Washingtons “Up from Slavery” where he mentioned a teacher that allowed students to choose the flat earth or spherical earth, according to their preference).

Also, to note, the planets themselves used to be called, in Greek, planetoi, meaning wandering stars, that look like any other star from the ground but realign every thousand years emitting light and heat which naturally gets brighter and hotter the closer you get to it not as the moderns claim, that they get colder and darker.

They didn’t start promoting a heliocentric model of the world until the liars and agents of the masons, Nicholas Copernicus, Johannes Kepler and Galileo Galilee started making claims for it from what they claimed they saw with telescopes and was never even falsely proven until the 1950’s with NASA. and this was after the invention and use of planes so they can’t use pilots and planes and modern cartography as proofs that the earth is a sphere.

This was done to make people feel that there is no point to their existence and to keep them away from God so that they are easier for masonic elites to control.

This was done gradually, through the Protestant “reformation”, the so called “enlightenment era”, pseudo scientists (later to mostly be comprised of atheists, agnostics and deists) gradually taking people further and further away from God and making them stupider so the masons could easily control the mass, along with the transatlantic slave trade and the masons going public, all starting around the 1600’s (5600’s after the creation of Adam and Eve from his rib) and now globalization and the beginnings of America being, virtually made into a total sodomite state, like they are begging for divine wrath (homosexuality is poison for the soul, harmful to the mind and unnatural, not to mention, for men, totally disgusting (not so in some isolated cases for beautiful, feminine women).

To clear up another misconception, no one could fall off of the earth as the further you get away from the sun the darker and colder it gets and there is no way out, and no living creature could survive the extreme south of the earth due to the darkness and freezing temperatures followed by pure nothingness (blackness, freezing temperatures, softness and dryness) and it’s vacuum sealed.

The ancient form of Arabic was from the time of Adam and Eve, Seth, to Enoch, to Noah then to Heber until the languages were confounded at the tower of Babel, then preserved by the tribe of Jurhum who passed it onto Ishmail (Isma’il in Arabic) and then to the rest of the Arabs.

As for polytheism, this was started through human error as the generations after Noah invented deities to explain astronomical events (such as eclipses, storms, not to mention what was holding the heavenly bodies up and making them rotate around the earth which moderns dismiss as gravity and magnetism which is absurd and that’s how they are held up in the air without falling down (once again due, weight and density which they falsely call gravity) when it is actually God through the angels holding them up telekinetically.​


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