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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    I am only influenced by the Divine Truth and I strive every day to move myself from being a victim of somebody else mind thought about those things that I can as well use my mind to reach a thought of knowing about the events and experiences my life is and has been connected to.

    Now, let us get to know what Ancestor represent to imply, which is life living connection to life no longer living, of which you carry a Genetic domestically as well as Cosmically connection with.

    In other word, Ancestors imply someone you are genetically related to that has died, which mean is no longer here in life living form as you the living form is in full activity of life.

    To a living body, to die mean that body is no longer mobile in living form and is without the Energy soul that give the body form, life, and life is action portrayed by the body sensual and mental activity, which verify the life living of the body form.

    So our Ancestors are those Genetic relatives that is no longer present in life living form, which give cause for you to Rationally conclude that, Ancestors are those relatives that no longer live and has become a verification of what we refer to as death to physical form, and death indicate those who have died.

    Black people have become so victimized by religious belief in term of God and Life, to the point that we have forsaken our ability to know through reasonable thought all that is relative to us, and is Divinely True.

    Our Afrikan ancestors are not always consistent in mental culture behavior, meaning the Spirit revealed by our Ancestors vary in accordance to the dispensation of their living time on this planet and I will keep them confined to this planet living time, in order to give you a clear vision of reference as to those I refer to as our Afrikan Ancestors, but know that our Divine Ancestors extend beyond this Earthly dispensation of time of their life living form.

    So, it is not wise to give off the implication of notion that Ancestry has no reason to discriminate when referring to our Afrikan Ancestors, because within each window of Time of our life living, life culture, sensuality, perception, and concept that reveal our spirit, vary and changes, meaning that our Ancestors life living and thought pattern are not consistent in each changing of window of dispensation of time, therefor there should be a thoughtful effort to distinguish between those Ancestors that have moved on from this dimension of life living form of which we have a genetic connection with, in our present life living form.

    Ancestors represent not present in life living form and to die represent not being present in life living form, so our Afrikan Ancestors are those who have died and not now live.

    Now, by us making claim that we keep our ancestors alive in our Mind, does not almost mean that our ancestors are experiencing such an imaginary life living fantasy.

    The Dead Is Not active In Mental Activity.

    So to make claim that our Ancestors live within us, is to imply that they live in and through our imagination of them, and their imaginary life extend no further in time of their once living form than that you can imagine them to have lived.

    So, most Time our Afrikan Ancestors are brought to life in our imagination, based upon flawed information about and of them, making it to be a mockery of our Ancestors when we allow ourselves to be influenced to believe about our ancestors as has been portrayed by some other mind than our own Divine Mind.

    Our Divine First way ancestors are those who came to this planet with the quantum knowledge about the Divine essence, the universe, and about life living form, the self of being, and their culture, spirituality, and their mentality was without flaw in the window of Time of their presence upon this planet, but as Time continued to bring different window of time and in each window there appeared a different ethic of mentality of ancestors, so much so, until there came to be ancestors unrecognizable in comparison to our Divine First Way Ancestors.

    So, there are differences in classification and categorizing of our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors, and the further you get from the primary Afrikan Ancestors the further you lose identity of and with the knowledge of your Divine Black self.

    Religion has warped the mind of Black folks to the point that we no longer know of our different quality of Ancestors, so that we may identify with our original Ancient Afrikan Ancestors, they who needed no religion to believe in, because they carried the Quantum knowledge that caused them to know their relationship to the Divine Essence and to the universe.

    Be kind to your self, beloved

    Chief Elder
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