Black People : An Update: The ANCESTORS and SPIRITS are REAL - not fake (A fascinating journey to the Realm)


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Jan 31, 2004
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What does it means to be African?

Ok beautiful Black folk of Destee, I know I said I would be gone for some time, I just can't stay away from here. Lol... Well actually I am just dropping by momentarily to give you all a reflection of some of things I have experienced lately and the thoughts inspired by my experiences. So just an update if you will.

First off the ancestors are magnificent - your ancestors, my ancestors, our ancestors. Never forget that.

My experiences have made me think really hard about being a person of African descent and exactly what does that mean or as some would say, an African person and what it means to be African? An inquiry was done into my ancestry and a lot of information was given to me, more than I knew already.

Family is indeed the first shrine and family, as it relates to blood, is more than some loose collection of individuals grouped together by some intangible relationship. Family is united by blood - genes, DNA. Even though, conflicting personalities and differing perspectives can create discord or riffs between members, family has an undeniable bonding agent that can not be changed, denied or modified by internal strife, change in view or rejection.

My experiences have taught me that for most African people, the ancestors are of upmost importance. The ancestors are not abstract concepts, static memories of dead family members or deceased grandma with no relevancy in the here and now. Those of us who consider ourselves African or of African descent are bound by a duty to honor, respect, acknowledge and interact with our ancestors under their own terms and not ours. This is one thing I noticed that is central among the cultural thought of many African people and because of its almost universal presence on the continent, it is basically core to the thought and practice of an African person. So the honoring, respecting, acknowledging and interacting with one's ancestors in a way that is meaningful to the ancestors, as I reflect, is one of most essential things to being African. Sadly, the notion of working with our ancestors in a meaningful way is a concept lost by many of us modern day Africans - even those born on the continent.

So I ask implore those of us who consider ourselves African in origin, being and orientation to ask ourselves just what does it mean to be African or call ourselves African besides the obvious skin color or historical connection to the continent?

My reflection is it is more than just calling ourselves African, educating ourselves about African history, learning about African cultures, speaking African languages, cooking and eating African food, relocating to African countries, trying to promote Pan-African unity and socioeconomic political development or speaking against the historical and contemporary injustices done to the Global Black community by others.

These things are fine and they do help us to reorient ourselves into African focused frame of mind but it goes deeper than that. Those are seemingly superficial things when consideration of things we can not read from books or gain from stale cultural visits. Think about it.
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Jan 31, 2004
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Serving the Ancestors to Serve Ourselves

The rationale for the first post. I thought that I should give some clarity as to why my return post was what it was. One particular situation I would like to share because it was so definitive for me and my strong position relates to my wife and her family.

Some of you may know that my wife suffered a stroke 2 years at the age of 30. She was a perfectly healthy person before her health suddenly turned for the worst. About 9 years before her stroke, my wife was unexpectedly mounted at a Vodou party. The fact that she was indicated that she was chosen to follow her native traditions. She kept sitting on this obligation and did nothing about it. The stroke was a wake up call for her; however, she still dragged her feet in answering her calling. This past New Year Eve, my wife passed out and stopped breathing with no pulse present for almost 3 minutes of CPR. Her eyes glazed over and her body started to become rigid. We were able to revive her back. She started the year adamant to become involved in her ancestral beliefs. She sought out an okomfo that confirmed the spiritual origins of her health problems. She was indeed chosen. What is more is the discovery of where her ancestors came into play.

My wife descends from chiefs (royalty) on both sides of her family. The families have a stools commemorated to the ancestors. In the past, her family would feed the ancestors once a year via the stool but since the advent of Christianity, they became Christian and stopped doing so. When the family would feed the ancestors, they prospered but since they stopped "things fell apart". The ancestors withdrew their blessings because they felt like their descendants turned their backs on them. They called my wife to return to the practice and to heal and restore her family.

Initially my wife tried to honor in her own way but it was not the way they wanted. All the ancestors want is to be feed once a year yam, palm oil and okro stew at the ancestral stools. This illustrated for me the importance of the ancestors in the lives and well-being of their descendants and priority of the ancestors requesting the way they wish to be honored and appreciated over the way we may choose to do so or believe may be important. It is the ancestors who request of their children what they wish for the children to do; not the other way around where the children tell the ancestors what they will do for them.

If momma asks for you to fix her a plate of food to eat but instead you the child decides it is ok and she should be fine with you bringing her a candle - is that respecting her wishes?
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Jan 31, 2004
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The Ancestors and the Spirits are real.

Yes they are real, I say....

Below is my fascinating experience with Nana (Chief) via my Akan wife...

As if I needed any more confirmation, I recently received additional confirmation of this fact. My wife went back to the okomfo she meet at the end of May to have a bath done for her. She took her bath on a Sunday. The next morning, Monday morning, we were in bed sleeping - well shall I say I was in bed sleeping. We both had went to bed that Sunday night. While I was sleep, I heard something that sounded like a chant. It was fairly loud. Initially, I thought my wife was talking in her sleep; however, the chanting was loud enough to wake me. When I opened my eyes, I noticed that my wife was not in bed with me. Where was she?

She was standing up next to the bed. She was doing a chant that sounded like "Nana o, Nana (incomprehensible)..." over and over again. As she was doing this, she was making ritual gestures as if in a trance to the 4 corners, over and over again. I thought she was sleepwalking. Unwisely and out of panic, I got out the bed to wake her. I was successful in waking her up. Immediately, she tells me that she dreamt of her aunt, uncle and grandma - all of whom are now deceased. She said that they were welcoming her home and that they were speaking to her in Twi. She was ecstatic because she remembered speaking to them in Twi. My wife can understand her native language but can not speak it. She told me the words which were "Nana o, Nana (incomprehensible word)." She spoke it perfectly. She said she had got up to use the bathroom. Right after she said that, she slipped right back into her trance state again. She was doing the ritual gestures and saying the chant again. I woke her again. She stopped and went to use the bathroom. I laid back down. When she had finished with the bathroom, she came back to bed. As she got in bed, she started talking but now I noticed that her speech was slurred like it was right after her stroke a couple of years ago. I was afraid now. I told her how she sounded. No sooner that I did, she shot straight up to sit in bed.

She told me to ask her a question, any question. I thought she was trying to prove that she was ok. My wife is known to do things like that. I told her "Ok, ok... I know you are ok, but you really need to rest right now." She responded with "Ask me a question. Ask me a question that weighs heavily on your heart." I tried to tell her again to just relax and rest because her voice was slurred. She told me "I am here to help you. Ask me a question so I can help you." She was insistent and not hearing any of my requests to relax and rest. Eventually, I decided to play her game. I felt that something weird was happening or that I was no longer speaking with my wife, but I wasn't quite sure.

I asked "What is your name?" She responded "Nana." I asked "Nana who?" She replied "It doesn't matter." I asked "Where are you from?" She replied "It doesn't matter. Ask me a question about yourself, your mom, your dad." So I asked "Do you know my ancestors?" She responded that my grandmother is here but then said that she faded away. Then she said that another of my grandmothers was present. Nana relayed a message from my granny. It wasn't anything completely complex and since my wife and I had been married for 10 years, the information given wasn't too impressive. I asked Nana, "Where is my wife?" Nana replied, "She is not here. She went back home." I was afraid because I thought my wife was dying. We were staying with a friend for our visit so hurried to the room our friend was in, scared, and asked her to come with me because I think something was wrong with my wife.

Our friend returned with me and we found Nana, in the body of my wife, sitting on the bed in a meditative pose. Nana told both me and our friend to ask a question - our truest question that weighed heavily on our hearts and souls. Nana said he was here to help us. Our friend began to ask Nana questions and surprising Nana answered each question very frank, blunt and honestly. Nana told our friend things about her, her family and her sister's martial relationship (secrets) that our friend knew she had never told my wife before. Long story short, Nana knew a lot of things and was on point with a scary accuracy - details of our childhood and life experiences.

Eventually, Nana said that he could not hold much longer and was getting weak so he would have to go. When he left, my wife's body laid down for a moment and almost miraculously, my wife came to with knowledge of nothing that transpired. She remember absolutely nothing - not even the chanting she did before Nana appeared. My wife's knowledge of everything that happened is from what our friend and I told her.

Nana did say that the ancestors had called my wife and that they had a lot of work for her to do. She was indeed called to be an okomfo in the native traditions of her ancestors. This is the realness of the traditions of our people. My beautiful Ghanaian wife, who was born in Accra, Ghana and had suffered a spiritual sickness that included 2 strokes, had finally returned home to the spiritual traditions of Nanamon Nsamanfo and the Abosom. Medase!
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Jan 31, 2004
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Seen Too Much to Go Back Now... There is Something More than We Know!

Funny enough our friend was a diehard Christian 4 years ago but within the last year she had become disillusioned with both the church and Christianity. She was open to learning new things but was rightfully skeptic of the ATRs because they seemed so peculiar. Needless to say, that her recent experience turned her from a skeptic into a believer as she was introduced to and witnessed the power of the ancestors, devoid of third hand knowledge via books and academic study.

Our friend's reality of chakras and goddesses will never be the same - she had now seen too much that defied logic, reason and rational thought. Admittedly more things occurred, things I find a hard time putting into words. Most would never believe me even if I could. So to spare the awkwardness of trying to describe the indescribable and another's tendency of thinking I am loony, I will not tell all.

I once remarked that, after being in this for over 15 years, that I have seen too much to know otherwise - sometimes I wish I could pluck my eyes out so I will not see any more. My world hasn't been the same since 1998 and I am still in awe the deeper I go down the rabbit hole. I have seen too much now - more than most people will ever know exists.
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Nov 16, 2011
It seems like you were yourself a skeptic. I.e. you woke your wife up twice and you were hesitant to ask questions of Nana.

It seems you often write critiques of others which are really critiques of yourself. I.e. who is superficial?

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