Black Poetry : An Uncanny Balance

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    see through the rook chip through the glue

    under the concrete one sprang a leak

    battered bridges that spicy clock

    drew a map through haunted leaves,

    a sip or two from red tarnish apple

    fly back from Seattle

    life is but a gamble

    the nod of the silver screen

    bows death yet in one accord

    lazy diamong studded flunky

    coffee is good at certain dunkin

    deep through the isle of no domain

    my mind wanders in case the distance

    like a lightning rod to view for refernce

    pierce the skin to one that hides

    holding hands by which to obey

    laying on fig leaves,

    contest featuring the make believe

    we tumble for you

    a yard to treasure

    magnified by weather

    return its favor

    to gain Pac in your thinking

    what were those ladies thinking

    warm sock pull of the purse

    Manhattan's sound to rehearse

    East Coast West coast sound

    avoid its magic wand

    Shug died in prison

    be brave to a lonely soul

    out late at night to a rap beat drill

    drug pushers what do they know

    try to stay inside of ya

    rap is cushioned to the heat

    hanging on each magic beat

    frame by frame,

    do nature pride from the South

    made its play by the east sleeping in cozy sheets

    root for the underdog then you will know

    inflate the common ego to some friends you should know

    Pac was born a winner never call him late for dinner

    light the rrow ride through in featured Camaro

    cameras relate ponder one to date some call it fate

    be strong through the innocent,

    a red rose through the concrete

    not missing a beat

    the wake of shady grass

    no one gets by on any free pass

    linger in the sweet ambiance of the day

    hearts geared toward melting away

    chased dreams from her hair my loving one