Black Poetry : An Old Friend -


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Mar 17, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
Director, Community Employment Strategies
You thought that I
would stay here alone
and wait for you ~ hell, at one
point in my life I thought the same
thing too...
but waiting to me seemed like
an investment without the returns,
-or- playing a game of losing time; wait and see~
it was trivial and I grew restless -- tired...
waiting got old while I was still young...
waiting was no longer the best friend that
I knew and could confide in
I couldn't see myself on a continuum circling
and surrounding the atmosphere of an invisible you-
for no apparent reason,
no meaning and not a thing to hold onto
Until that day you decided
to come back around and give me a try
thought you could... fill in my emptiness
that my old friend "WAITING" had to subside...
since I was now no longer visible for you
to see - in my place I left an old
friend -"WAITING"-
to keep you company~
Now you can think about the 'all of me'
that you could have had at one time
since I'm gone, introduce yourself...
I'm sure "Waiting" won't be bothered,
talk quietly while W.A.I.T.I.N.G as it keeps
mind ~


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