Black Spirituality Religion : An Odu for A New African People

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    Courtesy of Baba Fawesagu, Awotunde Yao Faseyin:

    A new African Odu Ifa for New Afrikan people; Afrikans born outside of the mother continent of Afrika. From the Damballa New Afrikan Ancestral Order

    Deep divination informed us that this Ese, or verse, was to be put under the sacred Odu Ifa Tula Medzi (Otura Meji), Why? Otura Meji tells us about correct communication and riving living in accordance to ancestral wisdom and the results that come if we do or do not follow that wisdom.


    It roars and wishes like Olukun is on firre
    The wind whirls as if Oya is perpetually angry
    20 started on the journey
    20 turned into 100 million
    We asked if it is safe to come out
    They asked was it safe to go back
    I said that affairs are imcomplete
    They said tht affairs have become unraveled
    Ifa divination was done for the people of Heaven (Orun)
    The same was done for their Afrikan counterparts on Earth
    When they wanted to know what they need to do to be perpetually successful
    The ancient diviners dug deep into the primordial wisdom of Isese (Ancient Traditionalism
    The Isese told them they would build great buildings
    They would build great walls
    They would build great dams the would alter the course of great waters
    They would author wars and they would end wars
    They would be the only ones on Earth who would contact and manipulate higher energies
    They would know the Arusi, the Orisha, the Vodu, the Mkisi, and the Abosom
    They said that their greatness would not be able to be sen with the "naked eye"
    But the ancient diviners warned them
    That in some way and in some age
    They would be stripped of all they had;
    All that they created through the grace of Dada Segbo (The Creator)

    Then the people of Heaven
    Along with the people of Earth
    Begin to be in distressed concerning the words of the ancient Isese
    They asked the bokonons of the earth
    What could they do to maintain the many achievments as told by the Isese?
    The diviners contemplated the great Isese
    They said that much sacrifice must be done at this point and AFTERWARDS
    They all wished to know the sacrifice
    The diviners said "You must agree that you will be successful and maintain it"
    And for now this is the sacrifice
    The people of the earth and the people of heaven said that sacrifice is easy
    "But", the diviners said,
    "There is also vossa (Fon for sacrifice) fo the future
    "You must maintain this success at all costs; you must never deny your oath with the deities of your people; you must never take on the ideology or gods of your perpetual enemy; YOU MUST NEVER be ignorant of who your enemy is!"

    They said that vossa is good
    But that they did not overstand the latter part thereof; of whom the enemy is

    The diviners said " since you are not exercising the wisdom given to you by the greate Se, we will tell you further. Now listen.

    There will come a day when the lifeless people will come to you
    They will not be human but will have the appearance thereof; they are only animated beings
    They will not look like you
    They will not think like you
    They will attempt to suck the life out of you
    They will attempt to induce spirit only due to lack of one
    They are the INCOMPLETE and many of you people will have different names
    for them
    Their skins will look as if bleached by some unholy force
    They will have the outward appearance of disorder that their inner being speaks of
    They will attempt to turn everything you do and have achieved into disaster
    They will remain perpetually in oppostion to every aspect of your being
    There will be a delusion set forth
    And some will think that they are like you
    Because they will STEAL everything you have if you let them

    These people will be your perpetual enemy
    They will want to see you die daily only AFTER they have exploited you (if you
    allow it)
    THEIR "SUCCESS" is dependent on your own RELEASE and RELINQUISHMENT
    of your own divinity within you

    Although there will be times when diplomatic measures are needed when
    possible you are to ELIMINATE this scourge of the earth
    Ultimately, the Isese is saying that at all times this scourge must NEVER be allowed in your personal and sacred space

    The people of the earth and the people of heaven did all of the vossa
    And at this time the Incompletes, or the enemies, had not arrived
    Things were good for 1000's of years
    They were ruled by wise ones for most of the time
    Though here and there they had those who would not adhere to the ancient
    Isese concerning the perpetual enemy called the Incompletes
    But then there came a time when Modakeke, one who is dead from the neck up
    Took the throne and perpetually violated the taboos concerning the enemy

    When Modakeke began to spread its folly
    Both the people of heaven
    And the people of earth
    Begin to lose everything they had including their own divinity of self
    Modakeke even allowed the enemies into their sacred space adn began to "befriend"
    The primordial Isese was violated and this angered the divinities
    These were the same divinities that the people swore the oath with

    Modakeke's folly spread so that as time went on
    This became the norm especially among the leaders and spiritual advisors
    Then, as the ancient Isese had informed them
    The Earth was as if it was off its pivot
    Things that were abnormal became normal
    The people of the earth began to watch all of the ancient glory go into disarray
    The weak and abnormals, the Incompletes, began to take over their power and
    They began to take over their possessions
    The people of the earth ran to the diviners with incessant fear
    They asked why the Great Se had forsaken them
    The diviners of the Earth consulted the ancient oracles of the many Afrikan ethnics
    All the oracles agreed and said the same thing
    They said it was because of the disrespectul violation of the ancient taboos
    imposed upon them
    They told them that they had allowed their perpetual enemy, the Incompletes,
    into their folds
    That they have violated the ancient Isese
    That they have LIED on the deities and the culture by selling their own people!

    The people of the earth lost their divinity
    They even began to sell their own people into slavery to the Incompletes
    From this the Incompletes were able to build a pseudo-civilization on the backs
    of the people of the Earth
    Not only did this happen
    They also began to sell their own ancient traditions to the Incompletes

    The divinities told them that, as a collective people, they were in dnger of the
    divinities leaving them forever!
    They asked, "What can we do to RESTORE OUR BIRTHRIGHT?" What is the vossa?
    They said to them, "You MUST stop you folly, confess your ingnorance, and ask the divinities for forgiveness. You must also stop you ASSOCIATIONS with the Incompletes."
    The diviners also said that more importantly, "you must confront and eliminate the traitors among you at this time that set in this evil in motion!"

    Until this day some have done the sacrifice and some have not
    And the fate of the people of hte earth remains in question

    A new Ese for Tula Medzi (Otura Meji) for New African people whatever their ethnic root
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    My Destee Ebo

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    No, Blessed Brother; we don't need no more whips from nobody. As well, there is no "New Africa": We Are, Have Always Been and Will Forever Be the only original "Qa of Afu Ra": The Exalted 'Raised Land' of the 'Flesh of Ra': Afu Ra Qa!

    And this says it so absolutely wonderfully and straight and exactly that I would wonder if "We" could not "submit this as a List of Grievances" or "Supporting Evidence" or something given the way it expresses everything so exactly!

    Thank You for Sharing this with us, Brother Sekhemu! (long time no "hi"; oops, my bad! Hey!!)
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    Good morning good brotha! :)

    Noooooo dear brotha! The whips are not for our people.

    Actually I think the Icon looks like Shango wielding lightning bolts.
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    To anAfrican

    There is a New Afrika just as well as there is an old Afrika. What would you call a Yoruba mixed with an Igbo. They are both. Therefore, we acknowledge this under the term of being New Afrikan. However, we do need to know our Afrikan ethnic root which can be obtained from a roots reading. Also, this whole Kemetic thing is starting to really crack me up. In New Afrika we have inherited the rites and rituals to the OLD Afrikan deities of Sango, Nana Ade Kofi, Nsala Banda, kwk. I have been trying to ask people who "practice" Kemetic spirituality for years this one question with no success: "Where and what are the rites and rituals to the Kemetic deities you speak of?" If this cannot be answered then how does one practice a DEAD culture? Through archaeological and anthropological studies? Our traditions are about lineage. So, I would ask Muata Ashby "Who initiated you as a priest?" Of course he cannot answer that. The same can be done for Ra Un Nefer Amen. Hmmmm.