Black Events : An Invitation to support the Ancestor Ascension Ceremony and Committee

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    Please accept this invitation to join us for a meeting of the Ancestor Ascension Ceremony Committee this Saturday (September 9th) and the following Saturday (September 16th) to organize and perform the Ascension Ceremony on Saturday, September 22nd.

    This annual ceremony is regenerated to elevate to the status of Honored Ancestor those who have contributed significantly to the progress, health and wellbeing of the African [American] community. People like Sharon Sands, Mamadi Nyasuma, Ankh Mi Ra, Asa Hilliard and numerous others. Collectively they have educated, nurtured, organized, defended, and lead us to be a better individual and people. This is our ceremony to say thank you and reciprocate to them with honor.

    The Ancestor Ascension Ceremony is not a memorial ceremony to note or mourn the loss of loved one but to acknowledge and elevate our ancestors as ‘worthy of living forever’. Additionally, this is a healing ceremony to recognize our family members and friends who have become ancestors and are worthy of acknowledgement and living forever. Note: Please submit the names of your loved ones to be included in the ritual that will recognize them. For more details visit our website at:

    What is being asked of you?

    To conduct the ceremony we need a setup crew, a group of fifteen people to channel the spirits of the Ntcheru (life forces), drummers, set designers (2 people), sound person, cooks and food servers, altar attendants (2 people). You are not asked to do everything just one thing, two if its not too much. Your monetary contribution is also needed and welcomed.

    Lastly, the Ancestor Ascension Ceremony is a very powerful ceremony wherein we call the Ntcheru and the Ancestors to be present with our community. You must attend such a ceremony to know the power of it. However, it has only been performed twice in the past seven years and not for three thousand years before.

    I implore you to join us and support us. Please tell you family and friends to do so as well.

    The Meeting Time and Location
    We will meet at 3:00 P.M. at 5100 Windsor Mill Road, Baltimore, MD. 21207. Located in West Baltimore City. Light refreshment will be served. To RSVP call 443-854-9956

    Seba, Heru-Ka Anu, Co-Chair

    Ancestor Ascension Ceremony Committee