Black Poetry : an invitation to joy #3

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    an invitation to joy
    (for nicole and tanesha who live as tourists)
    by romus simpson

    our beautiful place full of white light
    is saturday morning rising in the new world
    is the opening eye & hand of god
    is man desiring god
    a trinity of trees sings something shrill
    like abbey lincoln celebrating the birth of a black child
    embrace sky & shiver where love meets
    then let leaves fall silver to earth

    i have learned to stand unafraid in the river joy
    & speak my name into morning machinery
    i am present as cliffs along the magellan strait
    that rise suddenly & involve you
    that hold you at the brink of collapse
    that grow in praise where god wandered through
    & you sail slowly & pray oh god oh god
    the world reaches out into bright morning marbled forests
    a tear finds its way to the mother mississippi
    formed when the continent cried before god touched it
    i am pedestrian in every first morning

    steep morning refracts memory down the sun sheen shore
    sculpts miles of glass & greenery
    the jazz of god starts as a single turbulent shadow
    then is a collage of waves & a tumbling seashell
    then it is an ocean negotiating with a continent
    and subsequently millions of miles of breath & sky & silence

    & i in health
    before language comes
    before the villages drum god awake
    like a free man in a loose shirt
    all the laughing windows open
    a score of seagulls orbits my shadow
    a cargo of roses & dawn carries
    my name through the new world

    in the palm of the hemisphere
    sistuhs braid each other's hair & hum
    god is everywhere
    another turns in her sleep rich skin
    she loiters because beautiful women must loiter
    her breasts shift out of the shadows
    her belly and thighs await
    she is ripe & warm
    her hand finding the day & holding like a coming hour
    at the edge of pleasure

    i want to go anywhere today
    & see everyone i know & tell them of god
    the cacophony of my memory & god
    strain against myself & touch god
    step long into the day & fling my vision free
    unhinge my shoulders at the ribs & reach for god
    live in light & love sistuh
    i have come to beautiful energy and love
    the starling tell me to go like thoreau
    with little more than hunger & money
    go like malcolm to mecca & beyond mali

    outside all things are in polite conversation
    cars trees a ration of doppler starling
    such authentic diplomacy
    calling nations to a common joy everywhere
    eye to eye i am asking you
    with all the concert morning tuning its oboes around us
    you, with your father's eyes standing in the center of possibility
    opulent holy friend akin to beautiful people
    where shall we go today?
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    your poetry

    is an invitation into persons, places, things; the stuff of dreams....
    Your poetry renders me quiet... with awe. Speechless.
    Your poetry is an experience for all the senses.

    I like that.

    thank you

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    BUSINESS owner
    beautifully sprayed

    dancing in this poetic vibe and surely they will too:D