Black Poetry : An Introduction To The Vagina Chronicles

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    ( I have just recently completed a volume of poetry entitled "SEARCHING FOR ORGASMIC ROOTS: THE VAGINA CHRONICLES". So many of you have offered your support to this particular quest..I thought it only fair to share the completion of this project with you.)


    I wanted to be rescued by my vagina. To re-construct the passages of my fallopian tubes and un tie the cords from around my neck. For years my vagina had held me captive and I refused the pleasure of touching myself. I was alone and miserable in a masturbating world and I wanted to free myself from further uterus traumas.

    “No, I have never pleasured myself down there, I thought only men did that..” I heard myself say these words, felt my conviction at the end of the sentence. Yet there was enough space in between the letters to question the twists of my tongue. This is where the thirst first began. On the edge of my tongue.

    Then came the middle. Every literate civilization boasts a culture of folk myths and legends. Indeed myths and legends have long since formed the basis for subsequent literary works. Thus the legend of the Big “O”…the all seeing..all feeling..omniprescent orgasm formulated the basis of these collective works as much as any other solitary element or metaphor found within these poems. In my case…the legend of the Big “O” was related to me by a close personal friend. Clearly orgasms are not something you discuss with a stranger. As I was saying, this close personal friend and not a stranger, told me the story of her Biggest “O”. She confessed to me that under the influence of questionable mind altering substances she experienced an orgasm for ten minutes. Needless to say I was completely impressed with her 7th sense-ations. From that moment on I took a personal oath to search for my own urban millennium plus legend. This event more so than any other marked the middle of prose.

    Yet it was the end of the journey, that actually brought me full circle and centred inside of myself. The quest for the Big “O” as I soon discovered, necessitated more than just a Search for my orgasmic roots. It required self discovery into depths previously unparalled.
    It became clear to me that I had to travel inside out. I began to walk backwards. I reasoned that I must learn to pleasure myself. After all, learning the delicate art of pleasure would only lead me closer to the secrets of “O”. The gathering of such treasures has never been an easy road. There is always a secret key to the locked box yet to be discovered. I soon realized that I had to unlock the mysteries of my vagina if I were to truly walk with the Gods.

    Hence “Searching For Orgasmic Roots: The Vagina Chronicles” was born. I can remember how my fingers burned me with that first feel of vaginal flow. Volcanoes were stirring inside of me and rocks questioned my will to disturb their sacred tombs. Yet I forged on because the quest was necessary to my freedom.
    Once securely placed inside, I ran my fingers across the feminine folds. Felt the texture of women clothes worn by ancient gender warriors not unlike myself. I saw the similarity of woman in there the complexity of her royal purple robe felt the burden of butterfly wings and the universality of her peaceful assembly. I saw my baby and my mother. I saw a host of women friends young old and buried souls. I told them my sad stories in there at the base of my vagina. They held my hand and together we became bonded in fallopian folds.

    Yesterday my uterus had no religion. Today I worship the God of all things Vagina. Light a candle for a woman at the altar and come sing with me…her chorus

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    the abyss
    I just want to acknowledge

    my reading of this extraordinary prose. It has left me in a state of awe and other words that escape me at this moment. What I'd like to say would be too lengthy for this forum ~ so, check your e-mail in another day or two, after I consult Roget's and Webster for my final draft. :)

    Outstanding work of works! And looking forward to the publication.

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    Thank u

    u really know how to work thangz out
    the final pieces together and well written
    u go gurl .......!!lovin it:heart: :D
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    The PeAcH State

    ...i am not even sure that i am worthy to post a reply
    to this post... i've always told you how i am in awe
    of your gifts... and that feeling has increased with this
    glimpse inside of the reason why you feel compelled
    to scribe the Vagina Chronicles. thanks for sharing
    your soul with us, Sister Dear! :)