Black People : An Interesting Theory About the Fall of Bagdad

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    An Interesting Theory About the Fall of Bagdad

    “The whole issue was about survival, considering that the regime's demise, confronted by overwhelming American power, was inevitable. At least two Republican Guard divisions plus the well-trained, well-fed, well-armed Special Republican Guard could have raised hell against the Americans in the defense of Baghdad. The Palestinization of Iraq, coupled with a jihad fought like a guerrilla war, could have lasted months, if not years. So as the Americans approached Baghdad they came up with an offer selected Iraqis could not refuse. So the story goes that a reward package for the "peaceful" handover of Baghdad was offered to Republican Guard commanders and, later on, the Fedayeen of Saddam. Republican Guard commanders received a lot of cash, a "secure" relocation outside of Iraq, and crucially for those not considered war criminals, the promise of a new job in post-Saddam Iraq. After all, the new American government will need cadres to run the remains of the devastated state apparatus. Top commanders were offered the option of residency in the US, for themselves and their families, and most of all the chance to play a relatively prominent role linked to some factions of the Iraqi opposition - basically the Iraqi National Congress (INC) led by the Pentagon's pet Iraqi, Ahmad Chalabi.” From Asia Times Online April 25, 2003

    You’ve got to hand it to Bush and Co. they are slick. They pressed hard for a unilateral pre-emptive war most AmeriKKKans didn’t want and they did it anyhow. Massive anti-war demonstrations forced them to up the propaganda psy-ops campaign ante by claiming Saddam Hussein was involved in 9-11 something their own CIA said was not the case. Desperate for war, Bush kept repeating his mantra about “Iraqi weapons of mass destruction” insinuating they were primed and aimed at the US. Just as the Nazis proved with their “big lie” theory, if you tell a lie loud and long enough the people will eventually believe it, especially when you stifle debate and attack any dissent by calling it unpatriotic and treason, George AWOL Bush’s lies reiterated by the mass media foisted the Iraqi war on the AmeriKKKan people. Rumsfeld became outraged when his “shock and awe” bombing campaign didn’t succeed, he was horrified when the imperialist forces met unexpected heavy resistance from Iraqi militia and citizen defenders and the criticism started coming. The Pentagon and corporate media worked overtime to regroup once the independent media and Internet coountered their lies. They were forced to lick their bruised egos when no cheering Iraqis welcomed the “coalition forces” who were met with stiff resistence by Iraqis defending their country. It was reported Rumsfeld and Bush threw hissy fits during Pentagon briefing sessions and blistered the military brass for not subduing the Iraqis quicker. Then in early April Condoleeza Rice went to Russia and two days later the imperialist forces miraculously took Bagdad without resistence or heavy losses! The propaganda machine played up the totally staged and bogus pulling down of the stature of Saddam Hussein. Internet pictures revealed there were less than 100 Iraqis in attendance and the whole square was cordoned off by US tanks. That photo op helped drown out the skeptics who were asking, where is Saddam Hussein, his family, the Ba’ath Party leadership and what happened to his Republican Guard?! Why weren’t “weapons of mass destruction” used to defend Bagdad, why weren’t the bridges over the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers booby trapped and bombed, why weren’t more oil fields set on fire like in the first Gulf War, these questions were never asked by the mainstream media.
    It is now coming to light a deal was made to surrender Bagdad in exchange for safe passage for Hussein, his family and money and positions in the new Iraqi puppet government for mid and lower level Ba’ath Party, military, police and civilian personnel. Check out Websites like, whatreallyhappened or Serendipity and see what people are saying about the Iraq War and the fall of Bagdad. I’m glad the fighting was not prolonged because many more innocent human beings would have suffered. The issue for those seeking truth, peace and justice is, how long will the Iraqi occupation last and what are Bush’s plans aside from making his home boys filthy rich off the oil, the lucrative, secret, no bid contracts to “rebuild” Iraq and supplying the AmeriKKKan troops during their occupation? How long will AmeriKKKa forces occupy Iraq? Where are the weapons of mass destruction Bush said Iraq had? Where are Saddam Hussein and Osama bin-Ladin? When will we stop falling for the Bush and corporate mass media’s okie-doke?