Chief Elder Osiris : An Impotent Black Race

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    An Impotent Black Race.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody black might Hear you.

    The things that Black people show interest in, is a true sign that we operate with a mind that is impotent.

    Second, Third, and fourth level of issues of interest to Black people, is what have Black leaders confusing Black people about what should be our goal in life, which is not social welfare, political gain, religious affiliation, nor advancement, but our Freedom.

    so, only a Mind that is fully hard and stiff in guiding Black people toward the goal of freedom, is capable of preserving Afrika and Uniting the Black Afrikan Nation, that goal of a Divine issue which should be first to motivate Black action, which is for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, which will only be accomplished by the use of a hard Mind and not a mind that is impotent.

    Most Black People been Made to be impotent from being able to Perform Revolutionary Action, which require for us to be In Pursuit Of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.(Freedom)

    In our Time of neglect, suffering, being abused physically, mentally maimed, and murdered, we display the quality of spirit that is of an impotent nature, and do so without shame, and without the desire to become active again.

    Black people live a life with a mind that is not capable of becoming harden against the evil of injustice, mental persecution, and Lucifer neglect to pay reparation to our Enslaved Ancestors, we have been made to be a mental impotent Black people.

    So, there is no wonder as all of the action that is taking place in the world today, action claimed to be against the acts of injustice, oppression, repression, such representing a spirit of evil, a spirit that Black people should be against, because of our victimization caused by such a devilish, satanic, Lucifer spirit.

    Yet, I invite you Black people to observe how we are behaving toward such liberating energy, it being used by other than Black people, an energy indicating to be performed by people who are in pursuit of their liberation from those predictable spirits expressing evil in the world, as Black people show a sign of being mentally impotent.

    Take a look and see how such energy has no liberation desiring effect upon Black people, based upon the inactivity of Black people doing nothing in our behalf, to show a desire to be free.

    Such evidence of Black people lack of action in these elevating of conscious Time, a Time that drive you with a high quality of mind to fight against all injustice being practiced against the sanity of life.

    You now have Black people living with an impotent Mind, a Mind that is not capable of raising a level of hardness that will qualify the Black Afrikan to Demand and obtain our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, which represent freedom for Afrika and Unity for a Black Afrikan Nation.

    Black people have been made to be a people not able to become Harden against those who do us harm, we have been made to be a weak and soft limp Black Arikan people, having not the ability to perform intelligently in behalf of our Black so call Afrikan life.

    Simply because we have now been made to be a impotent people, incapable of performing using Divine Reasonable intelligence.

    There are those Black people among us, those who wonder how in hell can a Black Nation with such a Divine and humble past life experience, today are so lifeless in reference to the way the Black life has once been, and now today is treated like a fool would allow self to be treated, which is with no respect.

    Well, it is because we are a mental impotent Black people, we who no longer have the mental testosterone that would have us to be proud to be who we are.

    We are now a Black people who are incapable of performing with proud, and with revolutionary determination that will give us an ability to have a mental Hardness, the kind that will not compromise the integrity of our cosmic Divine Intelligent Ancient First Way Ancestors, nor compromise our Enslaved Ancestors Divine Right To Their Reparation.

    There is nothing desirous about a useless mind, it only produce a useless spirit, a clue that such a mind suffer from impotence, a mind Black so call Afrikans display today.

    An impotent mind has Black people believing that there is no other life on a Divine level moving throughout the Universe, an impotent mind will have you laughing at your own ignorance, simply because there in no mind in our possession that is erect enough to be able to perform in such a way that it will cause evil to submit to Divinity, and have you to know that you are not alone in this vast universe and there are those out there that is related to you Black people gone to become mentally impotent.

    Therefore, the impotency of Black people have Black people to be satisfied of being accustom to being less than what we came to this Earth as, which was Divine and sacred Energetic intelligent Beings, and not impotent Black Human Beings.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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