Black Poetry : an ill kiss still exist boys obsessed with my kitten toys wanna suck my breast be hitting while on


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May 11, 2006
an ill kiss
still exist
boys obsessed with my kitten
toys wanna suck my breast be hitting
while on dates
smile and want cake
see jive
that be alive
being blind in the club
and seeing a sign of love
reflected in behavior
protected by flavor
even corrected my pager
in the atmosphere in here, spoke to a thug
and now have to cope with love
one dope hug
could lead to the bedroom
this hood breed keep my head tuned
got red lips so boom,
now this is BLACK HIP HOP IN
VIRGINIA BEACH this alley slang
make the valley rang
going to CALLY and hang
out with ICE CUBE
a nice dude
every Friday, walk around everywhere
and down there
my juice is divine
to produce signs
on sex behavior
which is the next major
affair, face rage and strife
at a stage of life,
it's hot in here
and it's not clear
as to why, listen to jazz got pie, dumb menus online
as thoughts come through my mind,
never explained
how a clever dame
like me could have bad dreams
wake up to mad cream
in my panties need tissue to proceed
with this issue, has a creed
spent bizarre nickels
for a jar of pickles
screwed off the lid to stir
but did it ever occur
to him I maybe pregnant, another crazy thought
as gravy is caught
in my panties, oh a PHILLIPINE girl
has seen the world
go through a lot
panties blue and hot
in VIRGINIA BEACH oh boys really say stuff
in the car wanna play huff and puff
but my skirt is down
I jest flirt around town
while they blow kisses at my lips
they flow as their wishes flips
like pancakes I'm not gonna strip
doe come to my doormat
with sweet talk and galore stats
try flip my pancakes oh I jest strut off
and my butt be soft even DIANNA ROSS
knows I'm lady sing the blues
boys wear bling and shoes
and their thing is to cruise
and make the nipples on my breasts stand
I try duck that but sometime I'm stuck at crossroads
after a boy toss a load
of love talk in my ears
I better not walk near
them they want some, but
they come with dumb luck
try to be sneaky
deny they freaky
my thing leaky
my panties are soaked they stay hot
and I may not
be able to clean them, now this boy walks up said "BOO YOU GOT true flavor
so let me do you a favor
this may sound crazy
I'm going downtown baby
but like brown gravy
the flavor work right
your skirt tight
so we both alert tonight,
my car a drop top
and we at a hot spot
which is FIRESTONE
don't desire to go home alone,
tonight lonely
might be hungry
my eyesight is the only
one I want, can't be left alone
after hearing that WYCLEF song
can't go panic
after things got romantic
OCEAN but I bet your pie is wet
really try get
it off my mind
but your body soft and fine
I jest cough sometime
thinking about it, will feel more at ease
if I embrace your waist adore and squeeze
so boo before you tease
let me kiss your lips

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