Black People : An Examination of the Concept of Man (Men)

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    The following is from Budge's "An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Reading Book". allow...monuments...buildings...funeral be arrive by bring into moor a be permanent or persist continue (fighting)...established.

    Where in ancient KMT language is there a word "Man" and how is this word related to "divinity"?

    Where is there a concept of "Mankind" and how is this related to "divinity"?

    In fact, historical evidence suggests the following in the context of "Mankind",

    "According to the text which is found in the timb of Seti I, in the Valley of Tombs of the Kings at Thebes, in very remote times, when Ra ruled over gods, and men and had his throne established in the city of Suten-henen, or Henen-su, mankind began to utter seditious words against him, and the great god determined to destroy them."

    I will not relate the rest of this "story" but those who identify as "Man", "men" or "Mankind" need to study how application of this term relates and defines those who "began to utter seditious words against Him" and "the great god determined to destroy them."

    When those today speak concerning the condition of Black people and blame "white people" or anyone else for our condition they are in essence seeking to deny the consequences of their own actions for their own "sedition".

    Notice how most of the definitions of the word "men" describe those who "arrived by boat, were afflicted with disease and illness, were permanently established in a strange land, and continue in-fighting, allowing ourselves to persist and exist in pain".

    Does this describe the condition of those endowed with DIVINE INTELLIGENCE manifesting "Godlike"-POWER?