Brother AACOOLDRE : An Assessment of Obama

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    By Andre Austin

    President Obama has been in office for almost 2 years now and its time for me to give my own personal assessment of the man, the president and the politics that hate and love him.
    First things first he isn’t the first African-American president. He is a bi-racial man who is just as much white as he is black. His white grandparents, white mother raised him. His father hated and disagreed with his president in Africa from which the FBI’s Hoover didn’t want black leaders in America to be influenced by. If obama’s mother had not been white he wouldn’t have been allowed to be president. They would have stopped him in his tracks. We can’t look to DC to change our life we have to do it ourselves.

    I think of obama like Dwight Eisenhower whose mother was a mulatto. Obama is smart, articulate and is now qualified to lead the free world of a capitalist government. Cornel West labeled him a Corporate politician. Obama hasn’t taken the economy seriously. He could have signed an executive order for the 99 niners to get relief so they would have to beg on the street like we did in the 1930’s saying “Brother can you spare a dime”. I admire the GOP because they move in unity. Unity is power, but their unity is a racist unity and political one of opposing Obama on everything. The republican calculated that the more the people suffer the better chance they will have in capturing both houses in Congress. The old elephants are opposing Obama because they think he’s a Blackman who’s in office trying to help out his fellow brothers and leave the poor white boys in their trailer homes. This is wrong. Obama is not a Blackman he’s bi-racial and I don’t think he even like his father because he left him at an early age. Obama is bi-racial and anything he has done its been for everybody. Obama’s health care , education and other programs are race neutral and benefit everyone. What ever your condition was prior to Obama getting elected in Nov 2008 your plight is most likely the same. Obama is more concerned about his legacy than the ups and downs of the economic situation. 20 years from now they will talk about Obama’s heath care policy not how many people were homeless and unemployed.

    Obama is not a Messiah. The white racist from Fox call him that so fundamental Christians and some lone crack pot will try to kill him. We live in a world where money is freedom. Our society set up where you have to look out for your own life, liberty and property. The Republicans think big corporation should rule over the government and people and Democrats believe that power sharing between the three should be the way it should be. I’m neutral being a slave of none being in the middle of a self declared Indepent Blackman. I’m trying to take power into my own hands. I’m telling all of the alcoholics and crack addicts to use their drug money and get a debit card and buy penny stock. Instead of 20 dollars of crack buy from a real pharmacy company like Pfizer and get a profit return for your money instead of a cheap psychedelic high. I tell the white boys not to snort coke and instead buy stock from Coca-cola company. Don’t go out and buy all that Alcohol go out and invest with an Oil company. Oil rules the universe. The global economy would come to a halt without it. On average all Americans consume at least three gallons of oil per day. So instead of a 12 pack of beer invest on the stock market a 12 pack of oil cases. At least you will get a good return instead of pissing out poison.

    Don’t depend on politics to change your life, take steps to change it yourself.