Black Poetry : An Apology For Being Born

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    Mama, I’m sorry that I came too early
    And daddy I’m sorry I put so much pressure on you
    Maybe if God allowed me to choose how to come into this world
    I would’ve picked two people who were in love
    Two people who were ready
    Two people who needed me, treated me like a gift
    And not like a burden
    Grandma, I’m sorry mama always leaves me with you
    While she is out living the rest of her younger years
    While my younger years are unattended
    And my memory fears to remember
    How daddy wasn’t there for me
    Yeah, in this generation
    A lot of kids are sharing the same story
    And daddy I’m sorry that I require too much of your time
    If I could speed up your mind so it could grasp maturity
    Maybe you wouldn’t voluntarily hurt me, when you insist
    That my mama is a *** or a *****
    You have that mentality to get rich, but I remain poor from your presence
    If I could, I’d fast-forward the growing process
    And you’d start showing me how I am a human, not an object
    So stop calling me It
    Stop cursing each other out
    When you two made me illegitimate
    An infant mind is like a sponge
    And it records how you react to me
    And how you turn your backs on me
    Daddy I’m sorry I’m a full-time problem
    When you can’t keep a full-time job
    But using protection was an option
    That you just didn’t take
    I’m sorry I’m a responsibility
    That resulted from irresponsible actions
    A mistake made from quick satisfaction
    A reluctant distraction, a tool used to get extra money
    Because my daddy doesn’t want to feed me
    And mama only needs me for welfare
    Daddy cloned me, now he wants to disown me
    Because he is a child taking care of a baby, and I’m not his only
    Guess we got to go to Maury for the answer
    Since aside from God, only he can help her
    I’m sorry that I was the cause of
    Making you both embarrass yourselves on national television
    I’m sorry for being the reason
    To escalate the stereotypes between black people and their children
    Mama, you shouldn’t have to prove that I am his
    He took your innocence, and it’s not a coincidence
    That I became a consequence
    I’m sorry that you had to fight
    In order to point out how him and I look just alike
    But what about the features you gave me?
    You both parade me to get national attention
    But when will I get a little bit of yours?
    I guess my future doesn‘t matter
    I‘ll just be another black man having to live harder
    And later become the very epitome of my father
    I’m sorry for living
    I’m sorry for crying
    I’m sorry for eating
    I’m sorry for needing diaper changes
    I’m sorry for waking you up in the middle of the night
    I’m sorry that I might throw up on you every now and again
    I’m sorry for needing a babysitter
    I’m sorry for getting sick
    I’m sorry for needing clothes
    I’m sorry for stopping dreams
    And maybe before I turn eighteen
    I just want them to love me like they know me
    And just maybe with this apology
    They’ll actually learn how to show me

    Copyrighted 2007
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    You opened up a world of an innocent jewel, treated like a pain in the rear because he was born at an inconvenient time. Quite a heartbreaking sculpture you created poet. Whew...
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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option

    i hear you

    i think many have thought this

    don't be down yourself

    we don't know why things happen the way they do

    but they do

    stand strong

    you have the power

    you went thru what you what thru to become

    who you are and now forgive forget and love

    and build you into who you need to be

    great piece poet

    i felt alot like this myself
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    day care provider (own business)
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    My precious child, I have a tear in my eye,
    for all the years that I cause you to cry.
    Each and every day I seen a part of you die,

    We can never turn back the hands of time,
    I am guilty as charged, of this horrible crime.

    I was a baby myself when I birth you,
    I had no idea at all, of what to do.

    I didn't have time for those all night cry,
    cause I felt like my whole life would pass me by

    You state that you're older now ...but I am too
    I now feel all the pain ..that I put you through

    So, it's I who's sorry for not being there,
    sorry that I didn't have enough sense to care.

    Sorry I never got a chance to change your clothes,
    clean your little face, or to wipe your nose.

    Sorry that I missed you, when you went out to play
    but I know you'll have your own child someday

    Please don't do to your child, what I did to mine,
    see I was young, ...I was foolish and blind,
    turned my back on what is truly divine.

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    Beloved Mighty warrior King god Phenomenon:

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