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    Amuse Folks

    Live corrupt with desire ready to give up and retire my crib
    On higher bricks so my foundation is a sound situation, ribs
    Hurt from hard work, lose my smile then use words to folks
    Speak madly and treat badly those who try battle me get choked
    By my verbal renowned ropes around their throats I done spoke
    Rap is a strange circus has to change the purpose never abuse
    The system only use rhythm to rhyme online and then cruise
    In drop top listening and kissing a girl to HIPHOP that’s news
    Have a dumb menu of aggression but come into possession of guns
    Now shoot a lot and pollute the block with absolute glocks and tons
    Of ammo like RAMBO just to draw first blood on the worse scrub
    Flow with friction and grow by addition and throw tradition and love
    Up in my style, stats and facts are devastation why cats bring
    Accusations against me? try level a charge the devil I dodge and sing
    The blues like BB King kill microphones when the Thrill is Gone
    Take a girl home for screwing no wrongdoing in that just a grown
    Decision, we kiss major not considered misbehavior my mind blown
    Winner of fame when I entertain as a hot guy like Popeye then occupy
    A plate of spinach ate and finish now have muscles now must do or die
    Where is BLACK BEARD he’s whack and weird