Black People : Amerikkka is steadily crumbling

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    From what I observe, America is about to go through a very dangerous time.
    I'm not just whistling dixie either.... What I am seeing and experiencing is
    contrary to the Biggest Lie ever told, "THE AMERICAN DREAM"
    We are not equal in this country never have, never will. Some might utterly
    think my rant on integration and separation is mere ignorance or idiotic, but
    prove to me anywhere in history in this country, where our people has been treated equally or respected?

    Show me when they admitted that they did horrific atrocities to our community and people
    and I will change my tune, but until then prove to me where have they help us in the present?
    If we are free or equal why every business you see in our community is ran by people who do not
    speak or look like us?
    Why unemployment is still so high for our people than any other so called, Minority group?
    If we are "equal" and have it so good, why are we the target of their aggression?
    It don't take much for me to see that they don't want anything to do with us, but to
    further divide and exploit us.