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    By Andre Austin

    America’s main man, the man of the year no doubt is President Obama. He’s acceptable to white America as President because he lived a life where he was never consistently mistreated by whites or knew many who were. They felt safe because he would never have a grudge against them because whites played the role in bringing him up plus he didn’t have a black mentor/father figure until he was in the State Senate in Chicago.

    America has just made 360 degrees of change for the better here in America. When we all come together as one in humanity the ice age of racism and inequality will keep on melting as we keep on moving up. All of those trapped in the twilight light zone of time warps will slowly fade in obscurity. Obama’s fellow Chicagoan Louis Farrakhan & Rev Wright are perfect examples of this time abyss. He lived all his life stirring up animosity among the races. It’s so sad that they make themselves irrelevant. America is in a constant state of flux of change. Nothing stays the same except for insanity.

    King George days are numbered. In a little while he will be history he will be no more the master of the White House. King George ****ted on the constitution, throwing a web called Black Widow on the gifts of the Bill of Rights. Black Widow allows the government to tap everyone’s phones and emails anywhere anytime and sneak into your house and snoop around. Unfortunately Obama voted for this Black Widow program. King George abused Christianity to make war against Islam and tortured many Muslims just because of their faith. King George also miss used governmental agencies as a means to get illegal advantages over rival political parties almost as if he was a gangster.

    Bush was a disaster from the get go. He didn’t keep his word. Because he wasn’t a man of his word. He wasn’t a uniter he was a divider. While on the campaign we expect politicians to make contrasting ideologies. But when the election is over all citizens are to be treated equally and justly. Unfortunately the eight years of Bush, the campaign was always on, and he brought it on. But that’s for the annals of history now. Good riddance. George Bush was so rotten as President, America was ready to make a big giant leap forward out of our self made time warps. We got a new man in the White House now, America’s main man President Obama.