Black People : America's Best and Worst Places to Live?

Jan 22, 2001
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Hello Everyone,

I saw this article online:

America's Best and Worst Places To Live

and found that my own dear Alabama is 2nd only to Mississippi for least livable state.

Though various polls have reflected this same finding many years, I have loved living in Alabama. It's very nice and quiet and slow and easy ... with lots of Black Folk around all the time ... even if I don't know all of 'em ... hehehe.

How does your state fare in this article?

Heyyyyyyy MINNESOTA's in da house...!!

Madd Snaps for Minne"snow"ta! Looks like we made it into the ranks of something good...

I will say that living in 'Minne' has it's priviledges, and finding good paying jobs --is one of them!!

Locating affordable housing is the worst! Currently, there is a housing shortage.... and it is tight!!

Thanks for sharing the information.

in the heezy fo sheezy. We got the healthiest so that's a plus. They say we are the Black Mecca. I have been here for 27 glorious years. I've seen it change for the better but it could get even betta. We need to expand our rail systems on the real. The one thing I hate is that the rail system does not brach out all over. Every time we try to expand some community opposes it. Saying it will bring crime blah blah blah. I work downtown so I can take the bus or the train in or drive. Some people don't have it like that. The bus/rail system is their only means of transportation. That I would change. Burn that **** flag fo sho too. Bring Nique back to the Hawks and more Waffle House Restaurants out in the burbs :p


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