Black Poetry : American Pie

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    Atlanta, Georgia
    I've never been to jail
    but I have been to hell
    matter of fact....

    I've been to hell and back
    just take a look at my scars
    I'll let you feel the war wounds
    tattooed over my heart

    I grew accustomed to pain
    and well acquainted with struggle
    took care of friends and family
    with the strength of my hustle

    I kept my cross to myself
    with no complaint or discussion
    walked through the valley of death
    as if I didn't fear nothing

    I know the Lord is my shepherd
    but I'm the blackest of sheep
    the product of a broken home
    don't nobody want me

    excuse the pain in my tone
    but I was forced to be grown
    my daddy didn't know no better
    so he left me alone

    he left my mama abused
    a rollin' stone on the move
    I used to visit in the summer
    is that all we could do?

    He never gave me advice
    or played a role in my life
    he payed a little child support
    and maybe called once or twice

    but I needed more than that money
    more than occasional calls
    you should have taught me how to fight
    and how to play basketball

    you should have helped me learn to drive
    and inspired my dreams
    i've wasted too much of my life
    wanting you to want me

    but that was then
    this is now
    my grandma held me down
    my grandad gave me a work ethic
    so I'm gone make 'em proud

    with my American Dream
    piece of American Pie
    I pledge allegance to my hustle
    got to grind or die
    the harder it gets
    will be the harder I try
    I vow to never give up strugglin'
    'till the day that I die
    and while I'm alive
    I keep my eyes on the prize
    and try to win it for the people life left behind

    while I'm alive
    I keep my eyes on the prize
    and try to win it for the people
    life left behind.....

    NittyGritt (c) 2005
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    I've always thought that in the midst of adversities, one is givin the strength to be lifted from it, and to prove able in any situation. That has always helped me deal with trials that I have gone through. Even when it feels like i have to go through things by myself. I really felt this poem, not because i directly relate to it, but i know what it's like when it feels like your whole world against you, and it's better to keep things to yourself.

    I especially like the end
    That is very uplifting...

    keep the flow goin.
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    very deep and powerful flow that drift into the mental mind