Chief Elder Osiris : American Lecturer: Terriorism Is Coming To Afrika

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    American Lecturer: Terrorism is coming to Africa

    Posted By: JanL
    Date: Saturday, 9 September 2006, 6:17 p.m.

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    Here are some TV News photos from a lecture given here in S.Africa by David Radcliffe who is an American expert on terrorism. His message was that Terrorism is coming to Africa. And my response is: Yippee!!

    We've had terrorism here before... it was called "Liberation". And we have terrorism here now... its called "Crime" and farm murders. Our Government is run by ex-Terrorists! So we've had plenty of black terrorism.

    Now we're gonna have raghead terrorism - how cool!

    The US army was concerned a time back that terrorism might come to Africa. So they decided to train the various African armies. But I was always skeptical whether the black Africans would co-operate fully. I have my doubts. Anyhow, the first Al Qaeda war is already raging in Africa between Al Qaeda and the CIA. It is in Somalia. It just happened quietly without any big formal announcements by the US Govt.

    We have plenty of Muslims in S.Africa, especially in the Cape and Johannesburg. I did a story a time back about the CIA hunting for Al Qaeda on the streets of Fordsburg in Johannesburg. All in all - we're having a lot of good fun over here! Americans may have to come and fight terrorists in Africa too. But I'm sure that many whites in Africa would love to assist America in blowing out the brains of a couple of Al Qaeda terrorists. All you have to do is just ask! I'm sure many of us would love to assist you guys. As one of my friends says: "Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies!"

    American Lecturer: Terrorism is coming tAfrica

    Hoteph beloved sisters and Brothers:

    It is Time Black folks begin to take ourselves serious and wake up and Truly see the threat that is to come to Afrika and Afrikan people and I say this, not based on what the Racist Jan and his post is saying, which I have shared with you here, but on what has been revealed to me by our Ancient First Way Divine Cosmic Ebonite ( Black ) Ancestors, and such revelation is not in Black so call Afrikans favor, that is if we continue up the road of ignorance which we now travel.

    It should be no secret to Divine Black so call Afrikan Nationalist, that the world of Lucifer have always had a plan to assume total authority and control over the Land they call Afrika and now the universe has come full circle again and is presenting to us Black folks a situation that require us Black Folks to, either we take off the Mind of Human ignorance and replace it with our original Divine Mind of Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom, because Lucifer will accelerate the action to take over Afrika, why, because Afrika is the Jewel of Queen Mother Earth, it is the place the gods our First Way Divine Ebonite Ancestors chose to first set foot upon, which make that ground sacred and Holy ground.

    There is none upon this planet that can conquer the so call Land Afrika, not without the so call Black Afrikan to allow such to happen by default, an absent of Spiritual body action to defend our Natural Universal Right to the use and authority of that land call Afrika, a land that is well self sufficient and able to sustain all Black Afrikans, without us being dependent on anyone on this planet for anything.

    Lucifer is committed to taking Afrika from under the stewardship of the Black Afrikan and the act to do so have been going on for over Three Thousand Years and now the Universe has come around whereby Time so require that the Last be first again or forever remain under the feet of Lucifer, and in such a position of us Black People, will serve as a Fact of Truth, that the once Great Divine Black Nation is Mentally dead, because we all are what we Think and as one Thinketh, so is he and as the Black Nation Thinketh, based on the lies told to us Black Folks by Lucifer, so will it believe.

    The Religion of Islam, serve to be the Brother to Christianity and it is the religion of Islam that has successfully invaded the Holy Land of so call Afrika, not in term of doctrine alone, but have succeeded in invading the Mind of the so call Black Afrikan as well, so much so until, Afrika will come into the hand of Lucifer by the hand of its daughters and sons, committing terror in the name of Allah, for purpose to conquer another Nation Land, who are Black and so call Afrikans, now parading around as Muslims, embracing a religion that is not of the body of Divine information so introduced to us Black Folks by our First Way Divine Cosmic Divine Ebonite Ancestors.

    So yes, if we Black folks continue up the path of ignorance we now travel, an ignorance of Black folks about the Truth about God, Universe, and our Black selves, such will serve to be the weapon used that will allow Terrorism to invade the Holy Land Afrika, and it is the willie Lynch Negro that stand Blind and can not see the hand writing of the Universe, warning us of that which is now in motion to finally destroy the Mind and will of the so call Black Afrikan, allowing Afrika to go into the hand of Lucifer by default from acting in defense of Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan self.

    How sad and pitiful Black Folks have become, having no will of desire to obey the First Rule of the Lord ( Law ) of the Universe, which is Self preservation.

    Here Is Loving you

    Chief Elder
    First Way Institute Of Afrikan Mysticism / Sankofa Repatriation Movement