Chief Elder Osiris : American Environment,An Enemy To The Black Afrikan

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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Well now beloved, I maintain that Blacks in america despise the Truth, and
    the evidence of that being a fact is, we rather spend all of our Time trying
    to attract the attention of the people who take pleasure in oppressing us,
    than render Justice to us, and the thing that is wrong with this picture is,
    it imply that we are waiting on someone other than ourselves to render
    Justice to us.

    Whenever someone is in a situation where total dependency is upon someone
    who has well established a behavior toward us, that is entirely
    disrespectful and oppressive, repressive, and racist, then we should know
    that trust can not or should I say should not, be extended to people of such
    a behavior.

    It is the politics, attitude, behavior and socio-economic and religious
    thinking that create an environment and in america, as it relate to the
    Black Afrikan, it is america environment that is an enemy to the mind and
    Spirit of the Black Afrikan, thus causing us to be a prison, confined in an
    environment, which reduces us to become a people who willingly submit to the
    wishes and desires of those who have created such an environment, which
    serve a certain white class within it, justly.

    Brother Junior Stanton has now suggested to us that it is Time for us to not
    try to, but do something different from what we have been doing in america,
    in an effort to be treated as respectable Hue - Man Being, equally and
    Justly in america, and I am here to tell you, it will never happen.

    Now what Brother Stanton is suggesting is correct.

    You see my beloved, the reason it will never happen is because we are
    depending on those who have displayed a devilish behavioral attitude toward
    us every since they first laid eyes on us at home in Afrika, in your own
    House, so why do you think this devilish Being is going to measure out
    Justice to you in his stolen house.

    Tell me any how, my beloved, why is it that you crave to become a party to
    america crimes, and you are, every Time you so claim to be a Black Afrikan
    american, it is as if we are habitually in need of physical pain and mental

    It is america environment that hold us captive, willingly so, and we have
    been, for almost five hundred years, begging, marching, always in some form
    of protest, and pleading, using all sorts of tactics to encourage this
    devilish white man to think fairly and Justly toward us, and up to this day,
    we have failed to attract his attention with respect, toward our Black
    Afrikan selves.

    Have you so soon forgotten, these devilish Beings are the people who so
    proclaim that we are not entirely Hue - man?

    Is it not a fact this devilish white man and his woman, treat their dogs and
    other animals with more love and respect than they show us Black Afrikans in
    america and any where else we are ?

    I say, and I do not take back, and most certainly do not apologize, the
    Black Afrikan, when it come to White people, Arabs and Jews, we hate hearing
    the Truth about them and their pattern of behavior that remain consistent
    toward us, which is prejudice and Racist and you can take it or leave it
    alone, but the Truth will remain standing, dressed in its godly attire,
    holding hands with reality, two principals we have become enemy toward.

    Beloved, it does not matter, if by some miracle, we are able to formulate
    our little dream community, have our little white picket fence and house,
    with a two car garage and is able to eat three squares a day, which is
    killing yourself in the process, but even so, and you have a few nickels
    left over your budget, Black Afrikan Womb - gender and man, you become no
    more than a well situated mental slave, susceptible to the beck and call of
    your master, the oppressor, why? because we do not control nothing in
    america and we most certainly do not have any authority nor do we exert any
    significant power in this america environment.

    Beloved, if we do not control our environment, then we become a prison in it
    and in america, we most certainly do not control anything.

    As Jack Nicholas say, You want the Truth, you can not handle the truth, but
    the sad part about it is, when it come to the Black Afrikan in america, we
    do not want to hear the Truth and have made ourselves to become an enemy to
    the Truth and the evidence is that we are still in america, submitting to
    her standards and values which we played no part in creating, just
    submitting to them, and they work counter productive to the soul, mind and
    spirit of the True Black Afrikan.

    Oh yes, it is Time we do something different, you know like seeing the need
    for us to go where we can create our own environment and establish the Moral
    Standards that will govern our Black Afrikans Lives, but then, that would be
    acknowledging the Truth of our situation in america, wont it?

    It is the environment that mold and shape the Soul, Mind and spirit of the
    Being, and we Black Afrikans in america, serve as a clear example of how an
    environment, that is not conducive to the soul, mind, and spirit of the
    Black Afrikan, can in fact, make it so, and we Black Afrikans in america,
    are living proof how effective an environment can be, in changing the
    physical and mental psychic of a Being.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie and Elevate the Truth!!!

    We Must cause Trouble (with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    It Is The Black Fool, Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( OSIRIS )

    A Race Without Power And Authority, Is A Race Without Respect!!! ( GARVEY )


    Completely Loving The Carbon Afrikan Nation



    Chief Elder

    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement