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Jul 4, 2019
The American Aborigines
The question of the first known inhabitants of the Americas is quite intriguing.

Native American Indians encountered by the first Europeans when they first arrived in the Americas and also during the conquest of Native American Nations in the interior of the American Continent have long been considered as the first Americans, with the presence of Black people in America being largely attributed to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

However, recent archaeological discoveries and alternative history arguments suggest that the first Americans were Black Aborigines either from Ancient Africa or the Pacific.

From this perspective, the arrival of Black people in America from Africa through Slavery is a fairly recent additional chapter in the long standing historical interaction Black people have had with the Americas.

The alternative arguments on this issue can be split into:

i) Alternative Ancient Pre-History;

ii) Alternative Ancient History;

iii) Alternative recent mainstream History.

American Aborigines: First Americans

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