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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Say what you will or may about America, and you Black People do nothing to learn about your mystical Powers and continue to depend upon the Exoteric action of your Physical dependence upon your Sense ability in Life.

    I am here to share with you and to Warn you that all of America Evil toward Black People come upon Black People because of the fact that Black People do not know nor understand the Esoteric of our Black Life, and it is that ignorance that cause Black People not to be qualified to See that we in America, serve America, and because of our service to America, is what enforce our own demise, Physically and Spiritually.

    There is no more of a Divine appeal to come from our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors, to serve as a Esoteric instruct, to the Black World, serving as a Divine Imperative for the Black World to come again to Know Thyself, a Divine Order, which Black People, up until now, have been influenced to ignore such Divine Instruction, and from such ignorance, you now witness the state of condition, the Black World is in today, can not understand the need we have for a Divine Spiritual Retreat.

    Black people no longer know and Understand the action of Divine intervention and the Children of the Middle Passage is totally unaware of the fact that we here in America against our Will, we are a product of Divine intervention, meaning that the JOURNEY OF THE MIDDLE PASSAGE PUT INTO MOTION BY DIVINE INTERVENTION, FOR AFRIKA TO EVENTUALLY COME BACK TO BE FOR THE BLACK AFRIKAN AND FOR THE BLACK WORLD TO BECOME UNITED AGAIN, maintaining the Divine Truth that there is nothing New Under the Sun and as it was before so shall it be again.

    Now I know that Black people have been Mind controlled to believe that there is not one thing that is special about our Blackness and that our Black Worth, gain its value only from those people that saw fit to Lie and Deceive Black People, and they did move to abuse, assume our identity as the creator of Civilization, Enslave, Colonize, and Religionize Black People, and has caused us not to place value of Divine Worth upon our Black Selves, such is a Human Recipe for the Black Destruction of a Black World that once wasCivilized, and Divinely so.

    Black People in America, here by way of the Middle Passage, and is a Victim of Ma' Afa, now serve as the support beams that hold up America and all of its Racist Unjustified Prejudice Imperialist action, in the World, and more especially against a Black World that is now Tribal Divided, and as long as we are in America, we serve and contribute to our Demise in America and serve as a symbol of support for the fall of Afrika Black People.

    Beloved, because of the fact that we Black People do not Know whom we are, serve as a fact that we are lost to the Knowledge of our Divine Spirituality and with such a Lost, Divinity is Self Despised by us, and the Thirst and Hunger for our Black Life to experience again, in our Life action, our Liberation, Sovereignty, Joy, and Peace, such has been quenched, which now cause us to be fooled to believe that our Soul-Mind is full of all that we Want, in order to appreciate a Life we now live, a Life that you have been made to believe that you are comfortable with today, and only want menial position to serve as gains for our Life in America.

    Yes, Yes, we now are clothed in such a Human Being Mind today, which prevent Black People in America, not to know the Spiritual Significance of Reparation and the Divine Need for us to Return Back To Afrika, with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and to become the next State in Afrika, an act and effort that is of no kin to White folks establishing of the State now referred to as Liberia.

    So as long as we Black People Proud of Living in black, allow America to pick and choose our Leaders and to define our leaders Character, we remain to serve as the Beams upon which America Stand and as long as we serve as such a support system for America, the Black World Perish and Afrika become no more.

    It is Time for Black People to become just as political astute as George Wallace Was, concerning the Political major Parties in America, when he stated and Truly so, that there is not a Dime Worth of Difference between the Democratic and Republican Parties and I dare to say the Value has gone down.

    Now, why do you Think the Reason be that every Tom, dick and Harry of Afrikan Americab Black People are being called upon to analyze Reverend Wright, as if the Man is Dead, why not call the Reverend in and and do an in depth analysis of the Reverend with the Reverend, Why wont they do that ?

    I will tell you why, because they are unkind to all of the Truth the Reverend will state about America with all of those Black People Listening in, I am referring to the Real black folks in America, they whose Mind the hand picked Afrikan American Leaders have Lied and Deceived, in order to have them to believe that they really do speak and act in their behalf, when the evidence of the capacity of America Prisons, Black Low Income Jobs and the lack thereof, peddling a false Religion and fooling them to believe that all Black folks want is a Black President and all of our Troubles in America will be over.

    So yes, America Will Stand As Long As Black People Remain In America, Believing as we do Today.

    Beloved, Observe today, America in full mode in America act of Racism and Unjustified Prejudice, regarding Obama Run for the Democratic nomination for President.

    Do you Think That Obama can See Yet, The Depth Of White Folks Conning evil, Draped In Racist Maneuvering and Subliminal Unjustified Prejudice ?

    Be Kind To Your Self

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
    The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism
    GOOGLE SEARCH: Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala
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