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    Shaun King is one of the first ones in action to write about this hat...

    "The more I think about it, the more I want to buy a ‘America Was Never Great’ hat"

    May 19, 2016

    Last Sunday, Krystal Lake, a 22-year-old Home Depot employee on Staten Island, was photographed wearing a hat that says, “America Was Never Great.”

    It's in the same font and style of Trump's campaign slogan of "Make America Great Again."

    Of course, death threats and hate mail targeting her have come pouring in — which, if you think about it, lends itself to her feeling like she was right to wear the hat in the first place.

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    Yea, this same "Shaun King"...

    Where Did All the Money Shaun King Raised for Black Lives Go?

    Shaun King is very good at raising money in support of black lives and—one of those lives might be his own.

    King, one of the most visible faces of the Black Lives Matter movement and no stranger to controversy, is now beating back accusations that he has misappropriated or mismanaged charitable funds.

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    The rise and fall of Shaun King, former Black Lives Matter darling
    Jan. 29, 2016

    On Nov. 6, 2015, Justice Together all but disappeared after founder Shaun King told members via email that he was shutting it down. The now-defunct social-activism group—which, at its peak popularity, boasted members in all 50 U.S. states and Washington, D.C., as well as 35 international chapters—had one single, unrealized objective: End police brutality in America.

    King, 36, was executive director of Justice Together since its Aug. 28 launch, and a highly visible figure in the Black Lives Matter movement. Passionate and charismatic, he projected the image of a man devoted to seeking justice for victims of police violence. King’s work as senior justice writer for New York Daily News demonstrates as much; he rose to prominence in September 2014 after reporting in grave detail on the death of unarmed black teen Mike Brown, who was fatally shot by white police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. This newfound visibility earned him thousands of followers on social media, people he would later invite to join Justice Together.

    But 14 months after he became a fixture in the Black Lives Matter movement, King’s questionable behavior began to raise red flags for members of the organization. From August to October 2015, Justice Together members said, he became evasive and defensive when they sought direction about when and how to mobilize. Many members were surprised when King unilaterally disbanded the organization, undoing much of their hard work in the process.

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    Listen to the Sharp Response Activist Shaun King Gets After Telling Black Host He’s ‘Blacker’ Than Him
    Feb. 19, 2016

    Tempers immediately flared when Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King called into Fox Sports Radio’s “The Herd” on Friday to address the controversy surrounding a 1996 sexual assault allegation made against Peyton Manning while he was attending the University of Tennessee.

    That’s because the radio show was being guest hosted by sports commentator Jason Whitlock, one of King’s most vocal and ardent detractors.

    The phone interview began with Whitlock hanging up on King within the first minute when the activist started attacking Whitlock personally before even touching on the topic at hand. When King was back on the line, Whitlock muted him when he again opted to launch a personal attack after being asked about his New York Daily News story on allegations against Manning.

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    Rapper calls Shaun King’s shootout story a lie: ‘I don’t even know this dude’
    February 23, 2016

    A California-based rapper is strongly disputing a story that New York Daily News columnist Shaun King staked his “entire life” on during a recent radio interview.

    C-Bo tweeted that Mr. King, a Black Lives Matter activist, is a liar after his account of a reported shootout at a Kentucky restaurant in 1993 was brought into question during an interview Friday with Fox Sports 1 radio host Jason Whitlock.

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    Wonder how King is connected to this hat.

    More "Black Lives Matter" material to talk about?

    But is he still part of the movement or not?

    Black Lives Matter Leaders Just Excommunicated Shaun King

    Incredible scenes on Twitter as the leading figures of Black Lives Matter are effectively ejectingNew York Daily Newsjournalist Shaun King from the movement with a co-ordinated take-down. I hate to intrude on private grief, obviously, but I… oh, who am I kidding. It’s fantastic!

    “Senior justice writer” Shaun King, who recently sent this correspondentperhaps the most remarkable email in the history of right of reply after he was caught mysteriously deleting 70,000 tweets, was just thrown under the bus by Deray Mckesson and other prominent BLM activists in a series of tweets drawing attention to alleged mismanagement of funds.

    Don't trust all that is posted from the Breitbart site, as it can seem biased, but information is information.

    But King claims he is still part of the BLM movement, so is he an independent contractor or is this just a general terminology for what we used to call "Civil Rights Movement"?

    Not sure if anyone could pay me to wear tacky hats like that though.
    At least she was bold enough to present her motives.

    That's what the purpose of getting the attention is usually for, so one can express their ideas after garnering attention.

    How well do we think the young lady did discussing her new hat (whether she did it with or without coaching)?
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    Family Member Confirms to CNN That #BlackLivesMatter Activist Shaun King Is White
    August 20th, 2015

    And why is he still trying to prove his "blackness"?

    Daily News fires editor after Shaun King accused of plagiarism
    April 19, 2016

    Shaun King: ‘My Mother is White, I’m 75% White’
    May 10, 2016

    His post on facebook:

    Now, white folk want to use random pictures from my childhood THAT I POSTED ONLINE like they've discovered some secret about me. My mother is white. I am 3/4ths white. Walter White was even whiter than I am and most of you would agree that I "look" Blacker than John Hope or Mordecai Johnson.

    Were those men white? Of course not. Ultimately, you and I know that race is a social construct created to marginalize and oppress people. What's wild is that now conservatives and racists want to use my white family background, and not my Black family background, to discredit me. That's a new trick.

    Of course, me and John Hope and Mordecai Johnson and Walter White are each complex racial characters, but most of us are - we just don't talk about it much.

    When I say I'm Black, or when these three men (or Barack Obama or Halle Berry or Alicia Keys) say that, we all know that our truth is more nuanced than that, but we also know that this is America.

    read the complete post...

    Regardless of his allegiance and what he wants to call himself, it seems his actions are becoming more questionable than his appearance.

    Might need to get Al or Jesse on the line to set up one of those "race healing" interviews.
    Oh forgot, MSNBC demoted Al because Obama is leaving office.

    He still has the National Action Network... wonder why these two movements haven't united yet?

    King hasn't figured out the art of hustling yet.
    Let us not forget, Shaun King was a pastor at a church once upon a time

    Jeffrey Shaun King - Pastor or Con?

    Some may ask, what does a hat that says "America Was Never Great" have to do with Shaun King?

    This new generation is a generation of memes, and they use them to evoke reaction and attention for certain causes. The meme phenomenon happens on here at times, but many don't pick up on it.

    It's similar to creating a "straw man" and then watching two people debate over if the man is real or not.

    The creator of the "straw man" then analyzes the discussion to gauge how easily they can make people react (and at times conform) to a thought, even if it wasn't created from a genuine experience or actual existence of the practical debate.

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