Black Poetry : America, the Addict

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    Jan 10, 2004
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    A symbolism of nationalism, America is a fiend.
    Dirty as hell but still manages to keep its nose clean.
    Orchestrating its addictions into its overdrawn veins,
    creating major chaos and affecting the complexities of its overexposed intellectual brain.
    Feeling so right, America wants to scream. Mass amounts of “isms” has been dispersed and traveling throughout its vital system and infected bloodstream.
    Craving the means to stay constantly high, the addiction is so strong,
    it makes the Creator cry. America uses its power of liberalism to get its fix,
    by taking from the poor to make its dealers rich. Ain’t that a *****.
    America shows no favoritism, nepotism, or feminism, but invites the suitors
    of foul environmental socialism. How long will the addiction go on?
    How long will America continue to stand? Militarism and militant forces are contributors and distributors of the addictions of this pain-ridden land.
    America, a victim of fascism, is being prostituted and pimped out
    by notorious leaders. Being destroyed, tormented, and abused
    by parasitical feeders. America’s eyes are seeing colorful prisms and
    hallucinations. Bringing on constituted fascinations and succumbing to every dreadful temptations. Continuously chasing after her delusional dreams
    of communism, capitalism, and the justification of deliberate racism.
    To keep America’s alcoholism intact there’s a liquor store on every ghetto block.
    The battle between all of its addictions keeps it in an ongoing culture shock.
    Yet, like a shepherd, people come to America in an abundant flock.
    Convulsing, twisting, and turning as it attempts to withdraw, to live in peace and awaken to a world of realism and abide by its laws. Due to fatal violence and terrorism, it has lost tremendous weight. Trying to walk upright and keep
    its equilibrium straight. Having unbelievable side effects that somehow affects every cell in her body, which are us, underhandedly receiving shipments
    of cocaine, heroin, and pounds of cannabis. Keeping America under surveillance
    to monitor its response and to see if it fails, addicted Americans are being manipulated to fill empty jail cells. Contraband from other countries
    seems to be smuggled in everyday, bringing down a nation
    that has gone astray. To America my heart goes out, and for America I will pray.
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    Oct 4, 2003
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    And where will America be in even 10 years....where are we going? Liked the way you posed this thought provoking scribe.
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    Rocky Mountains, High
    Gazing into my crystal orb, I see a vision of a pampered child, not needing anything, yet getting all he desires.

    The older this child gets, the more demanding he becomes, expecting to have his every wish granted, at the cost of whoever is in the vicinity.

    The more he obtains, the more he wants, so much that he goes into his neighbors' homes with the intent of taking what he wants.

    But one of his neighbors refuses 2 submit to the seemingly superior brute strength of the spoiled child, & fights back.

    If AmeriKKKa's gov. abided by it's laws, this place would be a Utopia, but the gov. treats its laws like promises, they're meant 2 be broken...

    Nice piece.