Black Poetry : America and Me!

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    There's no place like da journey of timez

    in da streets of fracture dreamz and blind mindz

    pitted under da slumber of death sleepers

    to da cry of hollow scary weepers

    Soulz taken in mass destruction

    many live in america's corruption

    like da falsely hood of jubelee

    divided from us and da power of we

    Heartz broken like frozen glass

    brothers and sisters displayed in mask

    as bodies count rise rapidly fast

    we da people now on blast

    Save me , save me from my sorrow

    take me away from such deadly horror

    allow me to walk in my great morrow

    and give me as i live my daily flower

    I stand big, yet not as an tower

    and still i fight in unities battle

    my life un-glue yet need no power

    for i have hope faith by da hour

    Stuck in tis colour maze

    suited in armor of silver glaze

    rage of destructional blaze

    still my mind is never cage

    I journey through life's single page

    in america's cities stage

    fighting da witts of poverty waves

    under da struggle dat's been laid

    Odds that i may not live

    so i call out unto u peace be still

    unite as people under his willing

    and let us not continue this unity killing

    I am of clay, da dirt of his mold

    only one man who stand apath bold

    breaking bread as history unfold

    so i may pen da america's new stroll

    Lable me not as an hero

    but a black man a brother u know

    one that's in america's sad show

    fighting round for round blow by blow

    soon it will be done

    for my eyez like raising in da sun

    my body of ash dust 2 dust

    remember it wasn't about me but the us

    Only In AMERICA

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