Metu Neter - Vols I - II - III : Amen

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    Amen means “hidden”. It is the Khemitic counterpart of the term “Subjective” . It corresponds to the essential nature of the Supreme Being, which is the same as the essence of your being. It is our unmanifested, unmanifestable, unconditioned Self – That which is the ultimate source of life and consciousness. It is the unseen and unseeable that looks out into the Objective Realm(physical world) of spirits, thoughts, feelings, and physical phenomena. We must return our focus of consciousness back to it by the stopping of all thought activity. Once we have established this innermost point as our place of being – i.e., living beyond emotional influences – we will attain to the state of Hotep. This is a state in which we are able to fully ignore all emotions that may rise into our awareness, and thus attain to a peace that cannot be disturbed by any challenge in life. ​

    Once you you understand better what you/God is you will also see what this devil or satin is be afraid no more.