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    Afronerd Radio-Sunday at 7pm eastern! Am I Black Enough? Dburt Vs Other Shows!, Dad Kills Son to Avoid Child Support & More!

    Like the title of this entry clearly states, I really do feel like I get no respect! But that's OK-life, death, statistics and empirical data always seem to confirm my stalwart beliefs. What exactly am I talking about? Well I paid a visit to two BlogTalk radio shows and had the most difficult time trying to convey my views. Both shows, The Black Conservative and African-American Political Pundit are polar opposites from a political perspective and yet they both manage to have a problem with yours truly-go figure.

    I was respectful and maintained my composure and yet on the Black Conservative broadcast (where I would have expected a kinship) I was interrupted and scolded for not being conservative enough! The term RINO (Republican In Name Only) was bandied about.....again, go figure. In reference to Pundit's show, I was too Cosby-esque, too far to the right and perhaps not Black enough...allegedly. But I want our readers and radio supporters (and detractors) to take a crack at this issue. Stop by tomorrow evening at 7pm eastern and join in the conversation, as Mr. Starks and I bring analysis to this situation and trust me, there will be fire. Remember..the call in number is: 646-915-9620.
    Afronerd: The Blerd Revolution Has Begun!
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    I hear you

    and it sounds like you are a centrist...the most difficult position since you are not jumping on either bang wagon. That is expected behavior of Blacks unfortunately, we are to be the borg, and not have any diversity at all...

    Worse there is always someone that wants to classify Black people and then put them in categories, tell you your too black or not black enough...

    I am a fiscal conservative, and I belong to no party, but that alone is grief...

    on the Left I am too liberal even been called bigot...
    and on the Right I am too liberal, even been called communist...

    It will always be that way. I sure would love to know what you were discussing with either side.
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    Ontyme, you seem to fall into the same trap that many supposed "free-thinking Blacks" fall into. I am even more of a centrist than you, I would expect. In fact, I even voted Republican consistently before the last election. But my Africanness is not measured by my political affiliation. I guess you can't feel it. Most folks around here, love "Black" people. Note the quotes.

    I am as big as nerd as Afro-Nerd. Having role-played, attended Sci-Fi conventions where I was even chased around for being "Black". I know as much about Classical Music as anyone I know.

    But I live in one of Chicago's poorest communities, because I want to help my people.

    You seem to have a problem with "Blacks" classifying other "Blacks", yet there is no such thing as a ethnic group where this does not happen. It is just that you have accepted the lens. You can choose to take off those glasses. You can choose to see the truth.