Black People : Am I A Racist?

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    Today topic is a problem for some to swallow and for others

    Might get lost.

    I want to state for the records that I militant in nature

    Meaning I dislike not hate the Europeans.

    I am also anti-social and prefer living alone.

    The scene is the present, in the south where racist

    And racism

    Still existed for generations even to this very day.

    While incidents of racism has occur elsewhere, it never


    Or ended where I live and from.

    For those of us who still love master please leave meaning you

    Love the European and hate your own and have a false sense of

    Security around them please don't do this to yourself.

    I live in more like forced to live in a integrated/segregated

    Part of town.

    I truly do not like it here never did never will.

    I have lived in rural and small towns, but these European’s

    Have a much messed up almost sneaky way of doing things here.

    That is why these youths have no guidance or direction.

    They got it where its one part is all African-American, White,


    Integrated with Negroes who think they Master or Owner is more

    In control then, gaining their own thoughts.

    Now the city is worser because of mass gentrification and we were

    Force into this area.

    They have interracial lifestyles but **** does that make you

    Perfect than me because you have a European man/woman or what

    Ever around my arms that I can't speak to a brother or sister?

    I even seen my own so brainwashed into thinking that

    They better

    Because of the "uncle ruckus" phenomenon.

    They even got out of towners thinking that way, you can come

    And dominate the natives of this town.

    What got me so deep in my feelings and emotions and such is

    How quick the people smile in your face one minute, but call

    You a "******" behind your back.

    I know we are not meant to be like by anyone and entitle to their own opinion of you but it should not

    Get to you, but if you got to live in it something got to

    Give at some point.

    What I mean for example you have the token Negro, who try

    Their best at gaining info about you or family, but soon as

    Anything other than black comes around they gossip.

    It might be me and not to make this any longer I might have

    it wrong, but something is not right about my environment.
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    retired computer geek
    north philly ghetto
    :11100: don't know if you a racist, but you sho is unintelligible........
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    the near north
    change your environment, brutha. ain't none of that yours.

    back in the day, i knew homeless people on the streets of New York. When offered a job out west, their response was: "I'm from the big apple, man. i ain't leaving all this for nobody."

    i moved to Los Angeles, and came across southern californians who dispised northern cali...and would never consider moving there, under no circumstances. and vice versa.

    we get so caught up in geography, like we be owning something. ain't nothing holding us nowhere. if you need to leave...leave. don't get caught up in something that's gon' cause you to catch a case. farther on down the road, my brutha. farther on down the road. keep it moving.

    nothing racist 'bout that.

    you have racists everywhere. having been raised in the south, and lived all over, i prefer the southern racist. you know exactly who you're dealing with...with them. up north, out west, the east coast...they've found ingeniuous ways to do you...under cover. most times, you don't even see it coming. but it keeps you on your toes...keep you circling the wagons, trying to keep the roaches out.

    is what it is.