Black Poetry : Alright Family Today Is It ((bishop Birthday))


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
my brutha Bishop today ya day man
it's ya day of birth da day love was
givin to earth yet u reside at sea
HAPPY birthday enjoyment to be
:toast: I toast at noon in ya honor:toast:

Happy birthday Bishop!:D
:jumping: :wave: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :yo: :party: :wave: :jumping:
enjoy it EXTREME style to da fullest my brutha Bishop.

family let me see all yall sign dis birthday card 4 our main man


Well-Known Member
Aug 20, 2002
lover of words.
bish. aka my sweet thang #4. :lol:
happy bornday, chile!! i wish you nothing but
the very best of Everything... today&always!
(i'll be calling you to sang!! hahaha)


Well-Known Member
Rich - Man thanks for this...I just thank God for seeing one more day.

N2 - This means a lot coming from you.....Waiting for you to cruise through Voice Chat

Elayne - I'm waiting on your call.....get ready to sang!!

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