Black Christians : ALPHA & OMEGA: On Understanding the Book of Revelations

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    ALPHA & OMEGA: On Understanding the Book of Revelations

    Roma---AD 33----66---70--80--90---------433---476--500s----------1066---------------2008

    The first books of the Bible were dictated by the living God and written by Moses beginning in the year 1436 B.C., however, the last book of the Bible was dictated mostly by Jesus Christ and written by John-the-Revelator in the year A.D. 90 [92 R.T.; Roman Time]. The Book of Revelations has been considered to be somewhat of a ‘mystery’ and difficult to understand. Today though, we should be able to understand that the same confusion arose about the Old Testaments when it was first written. By the time of Jesus Christ, a lot of the prophecy written about in the Old Testament had came to past to the point in which people understood parts of it much better than the people of whom lived during the times when it was first written. So, prophecy became history. Also, the New Testament was written works that further expounded upon things written about even in the Old Testament and so today, a lot of what was written about has actually come to past. Therefore, a lot of the Book of Revelations [is] actually ‘a summation’ of past events but because it was written almost two thousand years ago, there are many obstacles that prevent African Americans from understanding what the purpose of the Word of God [is] meant to serve for in terms of today. One of the first steps to getting the understanding of ‘Revelations and prophecy’ would be to know a little about the nature of the living God. He [is] OMNIPOTENT, meaning, ‘He [is] all powerful’. Because we have ‘free will’ and because of ‘the choice to sin’, God [is] also ‘OMNIPRESENT’ and therefore, ‘He knows what we are going to do and can see the end result of our actions long before we do it BASED UPON THE SIN ALREADY COMMITTED!’ So Revelations was written for several reasons some of which are; (1) to show us that God has moved ahead of us in order to give us some examples of how to make the right decisions, (2) it serves as a summation of past judgments and, (3) it serves as a warning to prepare for the final end times judgment and the future beyond that time as well.

    From the time that Jesus Christ was Crucified until the Seven Churches of God were set up in West Turkey, it was exactly 56.5 years [90 - 33.5 = 56.5] and the reason why this becomes factual history was because of the appearance of the STAR OF BETHLEHEM of which ‘marked time’ and the very BOOK OF REVELATIONS of which was written by John in the year A.D. 90! Based upon the Book of Daniel of which was written hundreds of years prior, when the Holy Spirit met John and dictated to him the Book of Revelations, it confirmed the writings of Daniel and others, and it became the moment when ‘the church was acknowledged by the Spirit of Jesus’. In other words, it was a ‘CONSUMMATION’ [an act of coming together of the Church & the Holy Spirit] of which came after ‘the Daily Sacrifice was taken away’ [after Crucifixion and the destruction of the temple]. So Revelations confirms the writings of the Old Testament and further directs mankind in the future about the end time of the Apocalypse and how to get back to God.

    The Book of Revelations therefore contains a testimony of things that happened in the past, present (at that time) and future. In the first couple of chapters, Revelations addresses the Seven Churches set up in West Turkey and the next chapters addresses the seals of the living God in which were opened for John-the-Revealer to see and to write about for us to understand today. The last part of Revelations goes into depth about the seals. Although I have done years of research on the Book of Revelations and have written over 500 pages about it in my forth book, it has proven to be loaded with unexpected truths not understood before and leaves me in shock. Revelations proves to be a power packed book with enormous history and oddly so, even though its size seems rather small compared to the other books in the Bible, this last book in the Bible actually sums up everything written in both the Old and New Testaments and goes beyond!

    Another way to begin to understand the Book of Revelations would be to imagine that there was a circular race track with lanes and on the inner track nearest the center was a four-horse-team each of a different color. In the middle of the track was another horse and on the outmost lane was yet another horse. All of the horses are lined up parallel to each other at the start point on the track before the race and they all begin to run at the same time. The inner most horse team has to run 20 laps, the middle horse has to run 10 laps and the outer most horse has to run 2 laps and they all run at about the same rate of speed. Now in between these three horse tracks are other tracks and horses but by focusing on the three main horse tracks helps to understand the race. When the inner horse team runs about four laps, a bell rings but on its tenth lap, the horse on the middle track becomes aligned at the start point on its fifth lap with the four-horse team and the bell rings again; THAT WOULD BE THE JUDGMENT OF THE MILLENNIUM. Every time the four-horse team runs a lap though, only one colored horse would whinny loudly signaling a period of judgment that they each had executed individually for each lap duration and after the 4th lap they repeat their cycles of whinnying judgments. Finally the bell tolls its loudest when the inner horse team makes its 20th lap, the middle horse makes its 10th lap and the outermost horse makes its second lap, and they are all aligned therefore, THIS WOULD BE A 2000 YEAR PERIOD OF JUDGMENT a phenomenal time of incredible intense judgment on the earth. This would be one aspect of the SEVEN SEALS OF GOD. After 7 seals are opened it signals a perfected period of God’s judgment. They are cyclic seals. And one great mystery also concerns the fact that they; (1) overlap each other in judgment at certain times in history, (2) they are repetitive and have already been opened before A.D. 90 when John saw this vision and, (3) each time they mark a period of judgment and based upon sin and rebellion the judgment becomes more and more intense. When John moved forward and looked into these seals, it was as if he was looking through telescopes or a television and he saw a split screen and viewed past, present and future happenings.

    The Sixth seal [the Four Corner Angels] and the 7th Seal [the Trump Angels] would be one example of this synchronized judgment. The first time they came to a point of synchronized judgment, it was in the time of Noah and, the earth split before 2016 B.C. [before the death of Peleg]. Historically, this time went down in legend with such tales as ‘The Lost City of Atlantis’. The Americas broke off from the Mediterranean world. The second time the 6th seal was in sync with the 7th seal was the time of the First Resurrection about 2000 years later but was halted right afterwards as was detailed in the Book of Revelations for specific reasons. At one point, the 7th seal was halted in the beginning of its second run for ‘about the space of a half an hour’ meaning, ‘from the birth to about the thirty years it took Jesus to grow up and spread his message’ [in sync with the movement of the Star of Bethlehem; about 29 years to circle the sun and align itself to be apart of the total solar eclipse] and then it was in sync with the 6th seal and the First Resurrection occurred. This would be the second time the earth split and land masses moved towards the poles and more islands were formed. In addition, the Americas split up and became North, Meso and South America. Just like the time of Noah, when the judgment of the millennium happens, it takes the third and fourth generations time to basically ‘free fall’ from the repercussions of their actions [reflected by the example of the four inner most horses]. In other words, Minoah fell in 1662 B.C. [about 360 years after the earth split] and, the Roman Empire began to fall around A.D. 433 based upon how they responded to the judgment of the millennium in AD 33. It would be the judgment of the third and fourth generations of which occurs within a span of about four centuries. The Seven Seals of the living God are cyclic seals that overlap each other since the time Jehovah laid down a plan of redemption for mankind about 6000 years ago. We are on the eve [or dawning] of another synchronized period of judgment that has been written to be more intense than all others because it includes ‘the Apocalypse’. Without these ‘timed appointed judgments’ of which freed up the world from time-to-time and from the oppressions of the government of the adversary that would repeatedly set up, there would be no hope. Historically too, even though the day or hours of the end of timed appointed judgments were/are unknown, they have been repetitively proven to occur in the very year(s) that have been ascribed for them to have occurred. No one knows the day or hour but the year has been given.

    4012 BC - 2000 years = 2012; the earth had split by this time and before 2016 BC
    2356 BC -- The Great World Flood
    2060s BC - the downfall of Greater Babylon
    2016 BC -- the death of Peleg
    2006 BC -- the death of Noah
    AD 33.5---- Crucifixion & Resurrection of Jesus-Earth splits [90 - 33.5 = 56.5]
    AD 66------ Masada; Persecution of the Pharisaic Jews & other ethnic people begins
    AD 70 ------ The Sanhedrin abolished-temple destroyed by the Romans
    AD 80 ------ the Roman Coliseum completed under emperor Titus [Hititus]
    AD 90 ------ CONSUMMATION of the Church of God in Turkey
    [From: the Temple of God to the Church of God]
    AD 300s-----Classic Age of the Mayas/South America begin--Baal court games begin
    AD 433------ Invasion of Rome by the Huns
    ------Mound Builders Civilization/North America ends abruptly & violently
    AD 476------- sacrifices at the Roman Coliseum ended
    AD 500s------Italy & Turkey have two capitols for Rome (Rumi)

    Crete/Minoah collapse
    Destruction of the Minoan Civilization

    Hun Invation in Rome: AD 433 --
    II/80a Attila the Hun (433-453 AD) by Chris Jones

    Date of Book of Revelations --

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    *Daniel/Chileab - a summation of a thousand years
    **Edited. First Printed in July 2008 on Afrochat