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    Aloneness Is Divine And Loneliness is A Curse Against The Spirit Of The Divine Being

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Alone is the Sanctuary Of The Divine Essence ( GOD ) but loneliness is the prison of a profane Mind, which produce the spirit of lies and deceit, always attempting to attract the attention of the Divine, so as to Tempt and provoke to believe all that a lonely mind can not see and know that which is Divinely True and Real in and beyond life.

    You can not become obsessed with Divine Truth And Reality when your mind is in a state of loneliness, but alone the Mind, is capable of taking you into the aloneness of infinity, there is where the mystery of Divine Truth and Reality, is there to be discovered to be known and not believed.

    Alone, the Divine Essence reveal the myriad of all things physical, equipping those things with Divine Intelligence and give those things of Matter, the ability to reason intelligent with a Divine Soul, yet giving all things with a physical life the ability to choose, and with a Will to act, in accordance to the status of the Mind of all living animate Beings.

    So alone in your state of mental isolation, you are capable of harnessing Divine information, that which graduate the Divine Mind to discover and unravel the mysteries of the Universe, assigning no limitation to the Divine Essence, the Soul of the Infinite Divine Darkness, in and of which there from emerge all things intelligent designed, by the Alone Action of the Divine Essence.

    So to be alone in Divine thought is to be in the company of the Divine Essence, the GOD Of Infinity, clothed in the infinite of the Perfect Night, the Space without illumination, but is the Mother and Father of such a display that bring Divine information into mental focus, to be known and understood.

    It is the Divine Mind alone that guide you into the abyss of Divine Enlightenment about all things Divine, equipping you with a Divine intelligence that will qualify you to become wise in the decisions that you will make for your Body Life.

    Loneliness is a handicap that prison the Mind and will have you to be confuse about who you are, having no knowledge of what the Divine Essence ( GOD ) is, and will have you speaking through belief, all things disrespectful about the Divine Infinite Darkness, and will even have you acting a clown while displaying your self to be ignorantly intelligent, while speaking evil about the Self that you do not know, and lying and deceiving all others about the Divine Essence Of All Things Physical And Nonphysical.

    To be lonely in Life, is a Curse upon the Mind, preventing it from being qualified to Divinely Reason Rationally with Logic about the Cause and Effect that have your Mind to be in a lonely state, being nonfunctional on the realm of Divine intelligence, and the absent of such a mental gift, reveal a fool making claim through ignorant intelligence, to believe all that is not known in such a mental state of loneliness.

    The Black Afrikan today operate with a lonely mind and such a Mind produce mental illness that cause a psychotic spiritual reaction and with a lonely mind there can not be no Divine Spiritual action in protecting the self of your Body Life, so there is no wonder why it is that Afrika and the Black African People are in the state of Mental condition we are in today, and we show no desire to Divinely Change the present condition of the Black Body Life Living condition, today.

    Loneliness produce the product of low self esteem, sadness, paranoid schizophrenic,a lack of self shame, anger without just cause, unhappiness, not joyful, complacency, idle mind, acts of deceit, docility, a lack of being aggressive for your own life protection and loneliness is the surrender to a slave spirit, such is the description of most Black Afrikans today.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

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