The Front Porch : Allow me to introduce myself to you

I, the black woman, am the Queen of Queens
I, the black woman, am the reason the Nightingale sings
I, the black woman, am the Night & Day & all of the in between
I, the black woman, carry the recipe of a nation deep between my knees
I, the black woman, will die to protect my offspring
I, the black woman, reaches out hand for guiding and mending
I, the black woman, speak in silence & expresses without yelling
I am the Black Woman along with the Black Man Together- we are- Unstoppable!
I, the black woman, live within you... -Felicia Bue... Hotep

A sister/student of the Truth in my studies learning about the world we (the Original People) live in and where we come from. (Kemet) Not a religious but becoming a very spiritual person. There is no judgment of others because that is no right of mine.
My mind is used in the way that the gods (Ancient Egyptians) before used their minds. My place is among the gods and goddesses. (Ntr, Ntru) The One who created me has awakened me.
There is no "wool" over my eye. Free thinker and a free spirit. My aim is to please God not man. Networking is my goal and I hope that you are blessed and in good health. May all your days be blessed and you be a blessing unto others. :)

My name is Jaya Makara because I am on the Ayurvedic path. I am in the process of becoming a practitioner and it is my desire to help heal those who hurt and to help make them whole from inside-out. I am a warrior and I fight for what I believe.
I fight for the Truth about our history and our cultures. I read because my mind is a garden. I learn from the gods that walk this Earth. I do not believe in religion nor do I conform to the bs of this country. I do not hate anyone for I have no hate. My heart is full of love and becoming light as a feather.
I am studying all forms of religion and it's true relationship to Dogma. I hope that you all have what you truly desire. Increase your vibrations and raise your frequency.
Last but not least I am a co-host on a internet radio show called Conversations with the Queen. Every Monday at 9pm (EST) Tae Queen (Host) and I engage in a higher learner and good conversation.
Check it out: Join Conversations with the Queen Mon. June 3 @9pm Et for our show "Music, Sound, Creation" Ft. Tebe Zalango. Tebe Zalango is a talented and inspiring Violenist, gituarist, and hip-hop artist. He strives to not only bring versatility through his many talents but to educate through his music as well. So tune in while we discuss the importance of music in the process of creation. The call in number is 917.932.8881

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Psalms 82:6
I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are the children of the Most High.
Peace and many blessings unto you.

Queen Sister Jaya Makara...

:bowdown: .... Psalms 82:6 I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are the children of the Most High.


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