Black Poetry : Allergic Reaction

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    Dear Doctor
    I’m writing you this letter, because I’ve been feeling sick for a while now and wanting to get better.
    I’ve taken pills but yet and still have a runny nose, itchy eyes, scratchy throat, sneezing, wheezing,
    and congestion.
    I would like to know if you have any other suggestions.

    Dear Patient
    I’m so sorry that you haven’t been feeling very well,
    but from what I can tell it sounds like an allergic reaction,
    has anything changed in your daily interactions

    Dear Doctor
    Well there is this guy that’s been coming around for a while
    he’s shown me some interest
    but I know you probably think that’s not important to mention.

    Dear Patient
    You can continue, you have my attention.

    Dear Doctor
    Well he has a beautiful smile and his laugh is amazing.
    He has themost georgeous green eyes perfect for gazing.
    He calls me as much as he can but not as much as I wish.
    The first week we met he bought me flowers even snuck in a kiss.
    But when he’s with his friends I notice he’s a bit shy.
    Yet he’s so outgoing when it’s just he and I.
    I guess it’s a guy thing you know what I mean,
    how often do you met the guy of your dreams.
    He says it’s best if we take things slow,
    I totally understand so I go with the flow.
    He has a lot of girlfriends well I mean girls who are his friends
    I see them around
    but their just friends trust me that’s not how he gets down.
    He’s sweet as a button knows just what to say;
    even when he ticks me off he can still take my breath away.
    We usually go to movies or hang out at night,
    isn’t that romantic he says he loves the moonlight.
    I haven’t met his parents yet but hopefully that will be soon,
    I can’t believe it’ll be a whole year on the 10th of June.
    He says he has big plans but then again he’s said that before.
    He often shows up late and now that I think about it he never tells me what for.
    His phone rings a lot but he ignores all his calls
    he says it’s just work and his attention wants me to have it all.
    Oh he’s so considerate of me I think I’m in love,
    in love as can be.
    Sorry I can go on all day,
    but back to these allergies,
    what can I do to make them go away

    Dear patient
    I think you’re in love but as blinded as can be,
    because he’s playing you…obviously.
    He takes you out at night so nobody can see umm… I wonder why.
    And you say he knows a lot of girls who are only his friends now you know that’s a lie.
    And please tell me that you don’t believe that thing about him being shy,
    or that those calls are workrelated girl that doesn’t even fly.
    Baby let’s take things slow, that’s call avoiding commitment
    girl I need to send you a copy of my latest book.
    Now when it comes to those allergies don’t expect to get any relief from any pills you’ve took.
    If I were you I’d take a second look.

    Because after listening to you my diagnose over all….
    I would simply say
    "You’re allergic to dogs."​
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    Talking bout a Reaction whewwww!!!!!!