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    ALLEGORICAL MUSIC OF: The Female & Male Eunuchs
    By Andre Austin

    Saul/Paul said please lay hands on me not, not the Velvet touch (Sowed crime 1Sam 18:25)
    Now touched by an angel with no harps, no singing, only yelling ouch
    The 1st Paul is now considered a Man into a child or a little Sodomized NT boy
    From the back of the barnyard Skillet and Leroy gets their fun and joy
    They saw Angels play the flute, drums and the Harp
    Like Eunuchs they faced the flint knife; diamond sharp
    The Devil music is Jazz
    Because the of the trumpet resembles the braying of a donkey’s assss/***
    In Egypt Set (Satan) wore the head of a Donkey, 12 hours of the night he’s dead
    In the Gospels follow Judas kiss, Peters shoulders, Lazarus Head (Genesis 49:14-16 Luke 23:26)
    This is why Peter was Satan (Matthew 16:23) with cross on shoulder’s he bear
    Lazarus a mule too follow the money add it up and compare (2 Kings 6:25=Mark 14:5)
    Judas kiss of death is a scorpion sting (Luke 22:48)
    Is no more than a Donkey’s sweet kiss of killer’s Love song the Swan will sing (Judges 15:16)
    The Romans took the Black goddess Circe (Church) to turn Christ men into donkeys and pigs
    You can get the Holy Moly for protection; “its hard for Mortal men to dig” (Odyssey 10:300)
    While playing as Saul he taketh away many men organs right from the main pump
    Thinking he was Zorro or Tarzan with leopard skin covering his loins (Hebrews 11:37)
    Until the Beaver made a **** and transformed the tree’s into stumps
    Then changed his name to 2ndPaul, Caesar then kicked in his groins (Reaped Acts 2:3& 26:14)
    So Paul lost his spirit, they took everythang and he came up short
    He should of hanged on to his Horses-spirit, and kept it, it, it, now no land to port
    To the Island of Lebos
    The Amazon Super-Freaks are boss
    But the price of admission comes with a loss
    I’m willing to bet a denarius or a Shekel they can all do the Toss
    The males too had their O.S.S (Titus Office of Strategic Services toot horns through the Anus)
    The Exorcism or the excision destroying the female Breed
    They can still take the Seed
    But the pleasure they can no longer Feed
    She sings no more in the notorious Bed
    Her musical organs sing no more or have no sensual Need
    The Muslim man took it for his own sexual Greed
    Its ashame they gilded women they should jump the Steed
    Cuz I know you chicks like having a ball
    Not wearing bridles of chastity belts strapped in a Horses’ stall
    Now the Umma says Get em
    For interfering with the status-quota of the Harem
    The other folks in the pew say Amen
    Put the equipment to use “Joy to the hymen”
    And as long as the sheets turn red
    We know that the grapes consummated and busted it up in bed
    But the Imam said: “I give it, and take it of thee”
    In protest we gonna have the Million Mack March again @ DC
    This is how we do it and that’s the way its gonna Be
    I’m very sorry but God wants the clitoris and your pee, pee
    I find it not in verses of the Koran
    That you can take the female Organ
    Don’t laugh at Islam 500 years ago retake of the Catholic Inquisitions (Matthew 19:11-12)
    Lost Souls were put on the Rack and placed in other terrible positions
    Rise up ladies tell them: “ You Can’t touch This”
    Keep thy hands away from my clitoris
    The funeral music the swan sirens (Scream) when sure of her sexual doom
    Only the Arabian knight’s Harems shouts for joy in their room
    The sad naked J-Bird sings death blues: Willow, Willow, Willow
    In her Sheikh’s Oil begotten silk, Pillow, Pillow, Pillow
    With an Notorious brotherhood Bed
    For all her sex life is now fully dead
    For the springs in her bed are furious
    The day the Hymen was broken and they took away her clitoris
    If the female has her dike and the Males have an embankment
    Plastered with water-weeds of Revenge and built up resentment
    Thou has taken all of his musical equipment
    When the fatwa was sent
    So break out the tool box from the Monkey get the wrench
    They play with the Abacus, I slay the Black Rubrics Cube, fearing the clitoris they pinch
    No more currency of the virgin voice of water along the banks
    Only singing Military Taps all covered with lids on the tanks
    Blame it on the Kings, The Caesar’s and the prince its all their Choice
    The troop of Eunuchs should protest, and with accord sing with one Voice
    Domitian castrated Vuturnus but did it with a degree of Flair
    And so did the KKK
    Caesar was bald-headed and was jealous of his Goldie Locks Hair
    However, Stephanus stabbed Domitian to death in the groin and had the last say

    In Conclusion/ to Break away all the confusion
    I love America, wouldn’t trade it for the desert having no chiltlings stands
    Any other place I said and wrote I could loose my Tongue and hands
    In any other state I have to watch what I roast on the plate
    Nobody telling me not to dance, sing, or worry about what I ate
    Because the Camel and the pig you shall not Chew (Leviticus 11:3-7)
    A dietary Law restricted to the Muslim and the Jew
    But in thy own Mecca- chocolate Southern city it said it was too busy to Hate
    They might have made a mistake but the crime for murder is never too late
    Nevertheless Nobody’s telling me to marry, the shape, size and cost of a ring
    Or worry about the government taking away my Ding-ding so I could no longer sing
    Unless you count the 1980’s KKK’s 3rdSaul in Atlanta who took little kids foreskin slice
    This was the unseen things JB saw; Wayne the Scapegoat paid the list & Price
    In my chariot like David with my gun I can sling to my bride
    And sing my song to her from Dre: “Let me ride”
    It’s a shame American Politicians bread in the Masjid and eat their bean soup
    As long as they don’t kill or torture their women, they get to stay in their coup
    There it is I say what I have to say
    At the MMM let the ballers and freedom fighters play
    I looked from my bedroom widow it was FBI wearing Halloween mask of snoopie
    Hey three’s a crowd stop trying to be a groupie
    Stop looking at my girl while she in her pannies
    Can’t U see I’m trying to get some pootinannie?
    You know the last time I took a ****
    But you can’t take away my spirit
    Can’t you see I’m trying to get it On
    Why so many of their agents from the sect of Mormon
    Calling Car 54,where are U, get off and go Roam
    And stop trying to figure out the poem
    They trying to cast me into a bed of suffering
    But this caged Bird sings; I offer no muttering
    Catch me now or catch me latter
    No one is free from the Jokes not even the Pater
    Put that under a polygraph
    However, I’m afraid you will get the last laugh
    But for now, yes my fellow poets its Dre’s day
    I sing it like I saw it because there are no instant replays